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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Has Won

Obama has been Reelected. We will have coverage tomorrow as well as an announcement. Stay tuned.


jgeleff said...

You Republicans are pathetic. You couldn't beat a pizza delivery boy who is driving the country to bankruptcy. Maybe next time, you'll listen when an actual libertarian knocks on your door. This time, he (Ron Paul) beat Obama in poll after poll, one on one. But no, you needed another socialist to be your standard bearer.

The Right Guy said...

I voted for Ron in the primary. And I thought O was a shoe shine boy.

texaslittleel said...

And it wasn't even close.

Typical Dondero stupidity rides high again.

Next Eric will explain how he single handedly passed Medical Marijuana in Oregon, Mass, Washington and Colorado

The Right Guy said...

It was close in PV

Will said...

I voted for Ron Paul in the primary as well, Jim. I thought long, and hard about voting for Gary Johnson, but instead, voted for Romney. My logic was, since I voted for Perot back in '92.... Never fucking again will I vote for the lesser of two evils! I'm sick of this fucked up little game the GOP has played since Reagan left office.

Will said...

And by the way, any time I have to devote to politics, will be for the Republican Liberty Caucus. Rand Paul 2016! Fuck these lowlife GOP pricks who have given limited government a bad name!

FINCHNEST13 said...

A few weeks ago when the Libertarian Republican said that Colorado would swing for Romney, I wrote in and said that they would go Democrat because the other counties couldn't overcome Denver, Boulder Aspen, the San Luis Valley, etc. and I was right. I have to laugh when I see all of the elderly and the young people so happy that Obama was re-elected. For the elderly, I imagine that very few of them have read the Health Care Reform Bill as I have. Congrats are in order, you old people just voted to die because health care is going to be rationed and age is a criteria that will determine the care you receive, not quality of life or activity level. The last of the baby boomers will be retiring in the next few years and the young people who are so excited about Obama's victory aren't going to be so happy when they're out working (if they are lucky enough to have a job) and see how much of their earnings are going to support the massive giveaways and the massive debts this administration has run up in the previous 4 years and will run up in the next 4 years. It's great to be for giveaways when Mom and Dad are picking up the tab, not so great when the tab is yours. There was an interesting article written by an individual who interviewed people in the health care oversight venue. The article said that in order to keep Medicare solvent (as if it is solvent now), we have to eliminate Medicare coverage for "vanity" drugs that are prescribed to improve a patient's quality of life. Under that criteria, one could argue that any medication that addresses a disease or condition is a vanity drug because if you control symptoms, you improve someone's quality of life. Asthma, diabetes, cancer, those are a few conditions and diseases that immediately come to mind.

As for Ron Paul, he didn't have a chance and anyone who has ever run on the libertarian ticket has barely registered a blip on the political screen. They don't have the money to compete and they don't have the following to make them competitive. Libertarians have about as much chance of raising the billion dollars it takes to run for President as I have for becoming the next Queen of England. While I would love to see third party candidates have a chance to win in a national election, just like I'd love to win the Mega Millions lottery, it just isn't something that is achievable under our system.

Women voted in droves for Obama, yet his policies have led to our giving massive amounts of foreign aid to countries that the Muslim Brotherhood and fundamentalist Muslims maintain strongholds -- and countries that oppress women and see them as being lesser humans than even the most worthless man. Gays voted in droves for Obama, yet their tax dollars go to aid for countries where the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Muslims maintain a stronghold -- countries that kill gays or anyone suspected of being gay.

We elected someone to be Commander In Chief who just happened to be a man who wasn't willing to stand up for our military and make sure that our people stationed abroad, and those in the war zones, were able to vote.

We complain about the cost of gasoline yet elect someone who stands in the way of developing our own resources and whose policies continue our dependency on foreign oil. I could go on and on, but suffice to say, this country will continue on its destructive path of overspending as long as our people vote for the tax and spend politicians we have voted into office for far too many years. For those who want the goodies without working for them, where will you be when more people are getting goodies than there are people working to support the goodie grabbers with their tax dollars?

Will said...

Congratulations on Jeff Flake winning AZ senate race.