Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Libertarians for Romney - ELECTION DAY 2012!


(Will be updated often throughout the day, news from Cliff, Eric & Jim)

From Cliff Thies:

Voter turnout reported strong across the country

Manchester: "phenomenal"

Boston: long lines, freezing temps

Cleveland: lines go for blocks, in the cold

Milwaukee: lines begin to form before opening

Northern Virginia: lines back onto the sidewalk

EAST AND GREAT LAKES: a brisk fall day, with a chance of rain in Philadelphia

Cleveland: mostly sunny

Detroit: mostly sunny

Manchester: mostly sunny

Milwaukee: chance of rain 60%

Minneapolis: mostly cloudy, brisk

Philadelphia: partly to mostly sunny

Richmond: partly cloudy

FLORIDA AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN WEST: a beautiful day, temperatures mostly in the 60s

Denver: sunny

Miami, partly cloudy

Orlando, cloudy

Reno, partly cloudy

Las Vega, sunny


Gary said...

Here in the People's Republic of California I saved my vote for President for last. After filling out the entire ballot I went back to President and voted for the Libertarian Party.

A statement for freedom had to be made after both major parties acted to ban all third parties from all future general election ballots.

I think Gary Johnson was the only third party candidate left on any ballot in the entire state.

The Founding Fathers would be so proud of this vote rigging.

SoonerFan said...

I'm sure Obama appreciates your vote, Gary.

You're not "principled", you're not "making a statement", you're voting for Obama. Congratulations.


Charlie said...

Sooner fan is obviously quite ignorant to the realities of the CA electorate. As Obama is going to win this state handily, Johnson got my vote as well.

Though I don't know why he'd get so irked in the first place. There's less than a hair's difference between the two when it comes to actual governing. Maybe you could point to the Supreme Court nominations but even that is of questionable importance as Republican Roberts bestowed Obamacare upon us all. And if any of you think Romney and the GOP house have the political will to de-fund Obamacare you're delusional. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss :-)

Charlie said...
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Ran / SVP said...

It's rare that I defend Gary - so listen up: Charlie is right about Fornicalia.

Will said...

Clear skies in Oregon, which is to say, light is filtering through the clouds. I can understand why Gary, and Charlie would vote for Johnson. The next state up is not quite as loony as my home state of CA, but even though it is looking like the disorganizer, I once again reluctantly voted for the Republican.

Brigand said...

With a Romney/Ryan sign in my yard today I voted for Gary Johnson in Alabama. That should make about 15 of us.

Brigand said...

Unfortunately there were no other Libertarian candidates on the ballot, so the rest was straight-line Republican.

Gary said...

The latest California poll has Obama winning by 15 points.

The state GOP is bankrupt, deep in debt and even closed their headquarters in the state capital of Sacramento.

If it was a tight race in the state that would be another matter.

Will said...

My district surprisingly has a libertarian candidate running for the house. I voted for the Republican though, because I'm sick of career Democrat politician, Peter DeFazio.

Steven Givler said...

Here in Lisbon, Portugal, we're wishing we weren't so many hours ahead of you guys. It's going to be a looooong night.