Friday, November 16, 2012

Libertarian Republican Cong. Dana Rohrabacher center stage of Gen. Petraeus, Benghazi scandal

"Baloney!" Had nothing to do with an anti-Islam movie. Administration "knew damned well... it was Al Qaeda attack"

Excerpted, This is a rush transcript from "On the Record," November 15, 2012, Greta on the Record, "'Breathtaking' lies and dishonesty by Obama and White House spark anger at Benghazi hearing":
VAN SUSTEREN: OK, you say they lied. So be specific. What do you think they lied about?

ROHRABACHER: Well, we know that for six days after the attack -- and we just heard from a member of the Intelligence Committee who saw the film -- they knew within a matter of hours, if not right away, that this was an organized, armed hit job by al Qaeda, probably, but an organized, commanded effort to murder our people.

Yet for six days after that, they were telling the American people that this was movie rage, this was a crowd getting out of control in order -- and then they murdered our ambassador, rather than al Qaeda.

And what does that do? That means we are not worrying about radical Islamic terrorism. Instead we're worried about a crowd getting out of control.

That was a lie! They knew it was a lie when they said it! When they sent out ambassador Rice to all the talk shows, they knew that was not the truth. When you tell something that's not the truth to the American people, especially in the middle of a crisis, they...
Later in the interview:
VAN SUSTEREN: Well, there's something peculiar (INAUDIBLE) and there are just bits and pieces leaking out of these closed hearings, which is why I wish they'd be more out in the open. I think that Washington, there a tendency to over-classify things so that people get excluded when we -- we really -- you know, there aren't -- things don't have to all be classified -- maybe some, but not all.

And apparently, what I'm hearing is that the CIA claims that they had al Qaeda in the sort of talking points that went to the White House that were then fed to Ambassador Rice, and then she went to the talk shows, and somehow, she didn't get the al Qaeda talking points, that there's -- somewhere along the road between...

ROHRABACHER: That's baloney! That's -- The president himself was at the United Nations talking about movie rage. People throughout the administration were talking about movie rage when they knew damn well, or at least the White House and the CIA knew damn well, that this was an al Qaeda attack...
Editor's note - Rohrabacher easily won reelection with 61.6% of the vote, (Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Orange County).

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