Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Libertarian Gary Johnson's vote total increases to 1.22 million

Striking contrast to David Bergland's lackluster '84 performance of 228,000 votes

From Eric Dondero:

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, confirmed by National Review, now says that Libertarian Presidential candidate got a total of 1.22 million votes. And there's still a few more outstanding votes to come.

Here's one way of looking at the numbers. One million, two hundred and twenty thousand. In 1984, the Libertarian Party presidential ticket of David Bergland (photo) and Jim Lewis garnered a mere 228,000 votes. The entire Bergland vote total can now fit within the Johnson total, with a million to spare.
It also means in 28 years the Libertarian Party increased its vote total by nearly 1 million total votes, a 500% increase.

That says a good deal for Gary Johnson and his running mate Judge Jim Gray. In LP terms they ran a spectacular campaign, the best ever in over 40 years.
But it also doesn't say much for David Bergland. Looking back, there's little doubt that the Bergland for President campaign in 1984 has the distinction of being the very worst in Libertarian Party history.

Disclosure: Bergland was my bitter foe in 1985/86 when I served on the Libertarian National Committee. I was part of the "Pro-Growth" mainstream caucus in the LP. Bergland was the leader of the antiwar left-libertarian wing.


Rita said...

I think Johnson was part of the reason why Romney lost the election. The other half was Obama stealing it.

The Right Guy said...

That doesn't make sense. Even if every Johnson vote went to Romney, he still would have lost. It was a combination of factors that are too long to discuss in one comment. The bottom line is that Romney didn't win and now we have at least 4 years of the black FDR to look forward to. The point I think that needs to be made and understood is that our point of view is now in the minority. 50 plus years of progressive influenced education and a complicit media have come to fruition. I don't see a way to roll back the ignorance. A lot of people traded freedom for singular issues. I hope they enjoy the yoke of being a Farm Animal®.

Chuck said...

"The point I think that needs to be made and understood is that our point of view is now in the minority."

Polling doesn't show that.

The Right Guy said...

I think over time, meaning the last 50 years, it has changed and it is going in that direction. The other thing is Chuck, you live in a GOP strong hold. Even in my state the GOP lost a bit and seems to be losing little by little over time. I will say and you may agree, that the idea is that we have to be more like the dems is wrong, but I see the idiots in charge doing just that.

FINCHNEST13 said...

I lived in New Mexico when Gary Johnson was the Governor and he was a good Governor. NM is mostly Democrat with a conservative pocket in San Juan County (due to a high Mormon and Baptist population), so Johnson's winning the election was a shock. I don't respect Johnson or any other candidate that runs in a national election as they know they don't have a chance of winning, but they do get to keep the money they've raised for their campaigns. These minor parties (pissant parties) tend to take votes away from the Republican candidates, which is why Democrats love them. It would be nice if they had a chance to participate in some of the major debates, but they don't have enough of a following to make their candidacy viable to the medias. Not only don't they have the following, but they also don't get the contributions to make their candidacy competitive. When you're talking having to raise a billion dollars to run a Presidential campaign for the Democrat and Republican Presidential candidates, there's no way third parties can compete with that. I didn't see any television campaign ads for Johnson, no newspaper ads, and he wasn't even included in a radio broadcast from the University of Colorado at Boulder which was running at the same time the first Obama/Romney debate was held. Our nation's citizens have decided that they don't want honest elections, and they have no sense of outrage about rigged voting machines, non-citizens, cartoon characters, the dead, and pets voting, no outrage over the military being denied their right to vote, all they care about is that their government entitlements are still going to be coming. Our schools are teaching that our nation and capitalism are bad, socialism, marxism, and communism are great, just, and fair. Those of us who yearn for liberty are seriously screwed because we have allowed our children to be bullshitted by the public school system who does nothing but take taxpayer dollars and trash American values. Wonder what these people will do when there's nobody left to tax? Cry, scream, riot, and die because they will be unable to provide for themselves.

I have made no donations to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. They voted for Obama, they love their unions, and they can live with their choices, too. Volunteers went to NJ and NY intending to help restore power and other necessary utilities and the labor unions wouldn't allow them to work -- everything had to be done by union labor. They complained about the price of the limited gasoline that was available because of power outages, and their beloved unions and their beloved apologizer, and union panderer Obama is who they wanted to lead this great Nation. Talk about stupid, they voted to freeze in the dark because of the candidates they voted for and they don't even connect with the fact that they were harmed by the very people they stand behind and elect.