Thursday, November 29, 2012

Liberals now protesting Legalized Prostitution in Europe

While Righties stand up for personal freedom and sexual liberties

by Eric Dondero

Well, we've come full circle. In the 1970s, liberals were all about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Now it's the rightwing that is all about rock music: Nugent, Marshall Tucker Band, Kid Rock, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons and KISS, Madison Rising,

It's Republicans who are introducing legislation to legalize marijuana. As chronicled here at LR, GOP legislators in Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersy, Maryland, Idaho, California and Colorado have backed and even sponsored medical marijuana bills within the last year.

And most recently a legal brothel owner in southern Nevada was elected to the County Commission on the Republican ticket. In sharp contrast to these liberal protesters in Germany who are calling for those closure of legal brothels, and shutting down of Germany's prostitution industry.

The left has come full swing against the personal freedom agenda. "Live and let live" has turned into "We know what's best for you, and you better obey." Though, to their credit it is consistent with their other anti-personal choice stances - seat belt laws, helmet laws, smoking bans, keeping the drinking age at 21, bans on sugary sodas, ect...

But where's the credit for those of us on the right, who stand up against repressive laws enforcing morality?

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Rational Nation USA said...

You'll never see it Eric. Unfortunately.

Jemas said...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I promised my postings here would be mindless quibbling over details. After all, if I pointed out every detail you got wrong, I'd never sleep (and for the record, I support legalized prostitution...with government oversight, to keep sex workers from being exploited, abused or harmed. Sorry, I know that doesn't fit with your narrative.

But you're claiming that the Right has the claim to Rock and Roll with...Ted Nugent (washed up), KISS (washed up, if I'm being generous), Kid Rock (flash in the pan) and Alice Cooper (hates bringing politics into rock). That's just...adorable.

But alright, I'll humor you. I'll take Nugent (you mentioned him first, so he must be your pride and joy) and pit him against a rocker who's liberal and started at around the same time. Hell, how about we go with my personal favorite musician, Bruce Springsteen. Let's just compare their latest albums.

Well, according to wikipedia, Nugent's latest studio album was Love Grenade, from 2007, which debuted, 186 of the Billboard 200, with 3600 copies sold. How about Springsteen's let's take a look...ah yes Wrecking Ball, debuted at...number 1, with 196,000. Wow, that's pretty harsh.

I could go on about this (as well as pointing out that Springsteen is more critically acclaimed and his lyrics have weight and depth and meaning, whereas Nugent has less depth than Gangnam Style), but I already feel very petty doing this. Still, don't claim to have the 'rock and roll' aspect without being able to back it up.

And the first poster is correct, Bloomberg is not a democrat. He was until 2001, at which point he became a Republican and has been an independent since 2007. So he has been a Republican/Independent since before he was Mayor of my hometown. And by the by, we're all furious about the sugary drink thing, so don't subscribe opinions to us.

Queens, New York, NY