Thursday, November 22, 2012

Indian government executes Mumbai terrorist, country erupts in celebration


 In 2008, eleven coordinated terrorist attacks were made in Mumbai, by members of a radical Islamic group in Pakistan. The terrorists killed 164 people and wounded more than 300 others. Only one of them was taken alive by the police, after three days of fighting. That man was privately executed by hanging in an Indian prison last night. As the news of the execution spread across the country, people erupted in celebration, Reuters reports.

In Pakistan, radical Muslims reacted with condemnation of India, and described the man and his comrades as martyrs. A Pakistani foreign ministry official who asked not to be identified is quoted as saying, "If all judicial procedures were followed, then the decision is acceptable." We are thankful that any sympathy is shown by Pakistan for the violence perpetrated in India by a terrorist group originating in Pakistan. But, an almost neutral statement by an unnamed official does not build confidence in the ability of the government of Pakistan to bring Islamic terrorism within its country under control.

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