Friday, November 23, 2012

Have a plan!


Could you blame the guy?

A 68 year old college professor sets off on a quest to meet a gorgeous 32 year old Czech bikini model in Buenos Aires, and all he has to do is smuggle four pounds of cocaine from Bolivia to Argentina. Yes, there are risks involved. But, take a look at him and then take a look at her. 

(See other photos of Milani here)

Unfortunately, his idea - to smuggle the cocaine into the country in his luggage - was not the best. He was caught at he airport. Now he's doing time south of the border, and worried that he might get fired from his cushy college professor job.

Remember: Failure to plan is planning to fail!


Libertarian Advocate said...

College profs: Always the "smartest guys in the room" until they prove they aren't.

Eric Dondero said...

Obama was a "college professor."

The Right Guy said...

And community organizer.

The Right Guy said...

PhDs have a narrow expertise that they have studied. It doesn't mean they have a broad knowledge or "common sense". It means they know what they know well, hence "profess".

Chuck said...

"Obama was a "college professor."

No. He was a lecturer. He was never even close to being a professor. That would've required a degree of intellectual seriousness a cardboard cutout like him could never muster.

That said, it is strange how people assume that if one is trained in this or that field of bullshit like womens' studies or social justice or whatever, that they possess any unique capacity for critical thought. The opposite, in fact, is usually true. People with education degrees are a perfect example. I have four children, and have yet to meet one of their teachers who impressed me as even mildly intelligent. Nice enough folks, but hardly intellectuals.

The Right Guy said...

That's true Chuck, but they have their jargon down pat. I used to listen to them talk and it was like a foreign language. Then again I'd have to tell them not to look into the LED of a mouse.

Chuck said...

"That's true Chuck, but they have their jargon down pat."

Yeah. Knowing your lines by heart helps convince people there is actual substance to what you're saying. Leftists are living off of this phenomenon. Look as that shit sack Bill Maher. He's never had an original thought in his life, but he knows the script inside and out. What sickens me is how these cowardly frauds get points for being "on the edge", when they're basically automatons of the institutional, bigot left.

electromag.11 said...

If A) One college professor does something stupid, then B) All college professors are stupid. And C) since Obama was a college professor in the past, he is also stupid.

Great argument. Good luck in 2016.