Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hard-core libertarian strives to banish Democrats from his life

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Eric Dondero is a former longtime senior aide to US Congressman Ron Paul.  He is editor of LibertarianRepublican.net. He was a co-chairman for Libertarians for Romney 2012.  

Devastated by Romney's loss, the day after the election Dondero sent out a notice to family and friends, published at his website, advising them that he would cut them off completely if he learned they had voted for Obama.  

New York Magazine picked up on it, and interviewed him.  The interview went viral.  The Daily Beast, Andrew Sullivan, Gawker, Alan Colmes Fox Radio, Bernie Goldberg of Fox News, and two other Fox News shows (Five at Five and Red Eye), picked up on the story.  

Washington Times, Nov. 19:

Hard-core libertarian strives to banish Democrats from his life:

Eric Dondero refuses to speak to his brother. Not on Thanksgiving. Not over the holiday season. Not now, not ever.

The reason?

Mr. Dondero’s brother, Alex, is a Democrat. As such, Mr. Dondero assumes he voted for President Obama.

“Everybody I know that voted for Obama is dead to me,” Mr. Dondero said. “I don’t want to talk to them again. I don’t want to see them again. I won’t even attend their funeral. The nation committed suicide on November 6.”

Now Dondero is urging libertarians and conservatives to completely boycott  family functions over the Holiday Season, if any Democrat relatives will be in attendance. 

Hear his reasoning, and learn about other efforts to stop EBT welfare moochers.  


Rita said...

I started that along time ago with my grandfather who always voted Democrat. He's a Viet Nam Vet. Now, it's my sister n law that I have to deal with. She stated that the reason she voted for Obama is because she has the right to do so. Given no other reasons. I haven't really talked to her at all. And I've limited my conversation with her. Big time.

Chuck said...

She didn't have the right to vote for Romney?


The Right Guy said...

I guess people just want to feel good about voting for a chocolate president. Remember the chocolate city? Lets all join hands and chant kumbaya.

anonymouslefty said...

When I cut off everyone who disagreed with me, suddenly everyone I knew agreed with me, and I felt good about my country again! And I knew we would win next time because 100% of the people I spend time with agree with me!

Also I smashed the windows in my house so I could go on believing I was incredibly handsome.

Paul Forsberg said...

I voted for FREEDOM and capitalism - NOT Socialism and Marxism.

Had one person in my office who voted for Socialism - they no longer work here.
WAS dealing with 2 suppliers who voted for Socialism - they too lost my account.
AND .. it gives me one more reason to never deal with an x-wife.

FREEDOM from the liberals - feels good.