Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GEORGIA: Seat Belt laws, selective enforcement

Penalties apply to private citizens, but not government workers

From WALB Channel 10, CBS:
"Under GA law some are exempt from wearing seatbelts"

When it comes to buckling up in Georgia, not everyone has to follow the law.

Georgia law exempts some people from the seat belt law.

Authorized emergency vehicles responding to an emergency are exempt that includes fire, EMS, police and even utility workers.
Editor's comment - Next time you get pulled over for not bowing down to the repressive nanny-state just tell the officer you were fleeing a fire or on the way to the hospital. Good for the goose...


jgeleff said...

I once told a cop I had to take a really bad shit, and he said, "Get out of here." pointing down the road.

Ex-Dissident said...

Authorized vehicles. Unless you are driving an authorized vehicle, you are out of luck. The weird thing here is when would a cop ever pull over an emergency vehicle with active blinkers and siren?

The Right Guy said...


FINCHNEST13 said...

The purpose for not wearing seat belts when responding to an emergency is because the responder needs to exit the vehicle quickly in an emergency, not be fumbling around trying to unlock a seat belt. Responders also get killed in vehicle accidents because they aren't belted. As a former police officer who was assigned to a district where sniper attacks on police were common, not being seat belted helped keep us from being semi-stationary targets.