Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gary Johnson breaks all records for Michigan write-in for President

Libertarian Party shows the GOP the way on Marijuana reform

by Clifford F. Thies

Libertarian Party nominee for President Gary Johnson was credited with 7,774 write-in votes, obliterating the former record for write-in votes for President, which had been held by Ralph Nader, with 2,322.

Other write-in candidates in Michigan were: Stewart Alexander, Socialist, with 89 voes; Jerry White, Socialist Equality, 68; Tom Hoefling, American’s Independent Party, 42.

The state of Michigan denied Johnson a spot on the ballot because of their sore-loser law, Johnson having appeared as a candidate for President in the Republican primary earlier in the year. In 1980, John Anderson appeared both in the Republican primary and in the general election as an independent candidate, but, to paraphrase the Secretary of State of Michigan, that was then and this is now.

The only other state Johnson did not appear on the ballot was Oklahoma. That state shortened its petition period during the petitioning period, making no adjustment to the signatures required, and Johnson petitions fell short. When the Oklahoma chapter of the America Elects Party said, after America Elects failed to nominate a (national) candidate, o.k., we choose to nominate Johnson, the Secretary of State said, no you don't.

Aside from Paul Ryan hinting, early in the campaign, in Colorado, that a Romney administration would defer to state laws on marijuana, the Republicans made no appeal to libertarian-inclined voters on social issues; and, several prominent Republican candidates made fools of themselves on the issue of rape. I guess the Republican establishment figured libertarians had no option but to pull down the lever for the candidates of the GOP.

Note - Gary Johnson and his running mate Judge Jim Gray appeared on the ballot in 48 states, plus D.C. and received 1.22 million votes, an all-time Libertarian Party record. (Previous high 1980 - 922,000 votes).

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jgeleff said...

Why didn't Romney win Michigan? It's Gary Johnson's fault!!!