Monday, November 12, 2012

Fox' Jeanine Pirro questions "coincidence" of Petraeus

by Clifford F. Thies

Judge Pirro has put two and two together:

Fact 1: Paula Broadwell was "embedded" with Petraeus in both Iraq and Afghanistan, prior to Petaeus' nomination as Director of the CIA.

Fact 2: The FBI would have found this out.

Therefore Fact 3: Obama would have known this.

As to why a person who is compromised like Petraeus would be nominated for such a sensitive office as Director of the CIA, it is specifically because he is compromised. This means that the person is unlikely to have a sudden urge of integrity.

What's up with the Jill Kelley contacting the FBI because of threats from Broadwell? As shown in the picture (love the British press), Jill Kelley and her husband Dr. Scott Kelley are friends of David and Holly Petraeus.

image credit Fox News:

David Petraeus, from left, Scott Kelley and his wife, Jill, and Holly Petraeus

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