Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Employers should lay-off employees who voted for Obama

Di-vorce, De-friend, and now De-employee

by Eric Dondero

Why shouldn't a business owner, large or small, have the right to hire employees who agree with them politically? Doesn't it make sense to have people working in the private sector who believe in the private sector? There's always government work for those who don't. Certainly expressing anti-government sentiment at a government agency would be justification for being fired. Why not the reverse?

And what about if the employee goes so far as to wear an Obama t-shirt or button to work? Wouldn't the private sector supporting co-workers feel a little threatened by someone who is so blatantly expressing anti-free enterprise viewpoints in the work environment? They could be associated with the violent, pro-rapist Occupy Wall Street Movement, or with the baton-wielding anti-voter's rights for whites Black Panther Party.

The recording above was from a broadcast two days after the election on KXNT radio out of Las Vegas (via CBS Las Vegas). It's received a great deal of national media attention. What's been largely ignored though, is the small business owner's comment about half-way through that some of his employees showed up to work wearing Obama t-shirts.

Employment law is a little dicey on hiring and firing employees for political views. But certainly, if an employee shows up to work wearing clothing expressing what could be regarded as threatening attitudes at the work place, couldn't that be grounds for dismissal? At the very least a reprimand that could lead to eventual dismissal.

As part of our ongoing project here at Libertarian Republican to urge our readers to "Di-vorce and De-friend" any Democrats in their lives, we now add "De-employee." We urge all employers to seriously contemplate one's political views during the hiring process. Is this individual pro-free enterprise, or anti-business? One they're employeed, employers should have strict regulations against wearing anti-free enterprise clothing in the workplace. Anti-free market statements in the workplace, or statements against "rich people," should be taken as threatening to the owner and to other employees. And when ObamaCare kicks in, employers should think carefully who it is they are going to lay-off first. The free enterprise supporting conservative or libertarian, or that dipshit yelling in everybody's face in the break room, or at the water cooler "Oh-Bah-Mah! Oh-Bah-Mah!"


jgeleff said...

I don't have a problem with a business owner deciding who his employees are. Do you?

mitsukurina said...

"Employment law is a little dicey on hiring and firing employees for political views."

Actually, its not at all. Its illegal to fire someone for his political views.

mitsukurina said...

I take it back; turns out you can fire someone for his political views. A while back Goodwill Industries in Florida sacked a guy for being a communist and the local ACLU stated that "The law is pretty clear that a private employer can fire someone based on their political speech even when that political speech does not affect the terms and conditions of employment."

absinthium said...

That argument reinforces that idea that all people are replaceable and have little if any value. I suppose this is the way many employers see their workers.

So let's say all these voters are fired. They then file for unemployment. Then they are unable to get new jobs quickly because of the economy. We pick up the tab for your foolish idea. What do you suggest next?