Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Elections have consequences: Newest victim of the Obama economy: Equine Americans

by Clifford F. Thies

Everybody's cutting back these days. Investors, home-owners, small businessmen, workers and now we find out, Equine Americans. Yes, with the drought in the west, the high price of hay, and overall tough economic times, ranchers are having to make some very tough choices.

WIBQ 98.5 FM, Economy Hurting Animals Too:
One Shelburn horse owner has been charged with animal cruelty because he was unable to afford to feed his horses.

Butlers says times are tough, hay prices are high... The price of hay doubled and tripled during the summer and that is if you could find someone to sell.
Some people will point out that the Equine Americans are not native to this country, but were brought here along with small pox by Europeans, so maybe there's a measure of social justice to their starving. But others simply react to the need.

According to one rescuer, in the past he was able to resolve instances of neglect by talking a little common sense to owners. But, this year, he is having to actually remove the neglected equines. Food banks are being set up. Please, if you are able, think of helping these magnificent creatures. Remember, not one of them voted for you know who in the recent election. At least, not that any of us is aware.

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