Thursday, November 22, 2012

DC families go 'Dondero' on Thanksgiving

by Clifford F. Thies

Like an STD, it's spreading across the country, and nobody has a cure! Now we find out from the local CBS affiliate in the nation's capital that DC families are beset by Dondero condition, not being able to come together on Thanksgiving because some of them voted for Obama.

From the Washington Post, "Voting For Obama Keeps Families Away From Each Other For Thanksgiving":
Ah, Thanksgiving. A little turkey, some cranberry mold, maybe apple pie with ice cream, some football on TV. Getting together with the cousins. Catching up beside the fire. Togetherness.

On second thought: Scratch that. What were we thinking? This was an election year.

“The Thanksgiving table will be a battleground,” says Andrew Marshall, 34, of Quincy, Mass.

Like many extended families across the country, Marshall’s includes Democrats and Republicans, conservatives, liberals and independents. And so, like many families that count both red and blue voters in their ranks, they’re expecting fireworks. Things had already gotten so bad on Facebook, the family had to ban political banter.

“It was getting brutal,” says Marshall.

And now, it will all play out in person. In this family, the older generation is more liberal, the younger more conservative. So Andrew, a conservative, particularly expects friction with his aunt, Anne Brennan, 57. “She firmly believes in what she believes in, and we’ll go head to head with it,” he says...

In fact, things have gotten so tense over politics between Brian Davidson, a 40-year-old attorney in Helena, and his father, 130 miles away in Russellville, that they’ve changed plans, forgoing their usual gathering.

“We’re not even going,” says Brian, who voted for Barack Obama, and describes his father as “a little to the right of Glenn Beck.” Better to skip this one, he says, than suffer “a non-recoverable blowup.”
Just what kind of Thanksgiving prayer do you offer when amongst a mixed family? Thank you, heavenly father, for providing so many rich people for us to take from? Or, thank you, heavenly father, that in spite of our country's slide into socialist hell, we still have a job, a home and enough to eat (removing whichever of these you no longer have).

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