Thursday, November 22, 2012

British PM David Cameron: the Episcopals should "get on with it"


A motion to allow female bishops in the (Episcopal) Church of England failed for lack of a two-thirds majority of the lay representatives to that institution's governing body. Subsequently, during "Prime Minister's Hour" in Parliament, David Cameron expressed himself on the issue. He said the church should "get on with it." In particular, he felt there is no need for another five years of waiting and a new vote should be had soon.

The Prime Minister, reflecting Conservative Party thinking, thought the proper role of the state in church affairs (even an established church, as is the Church of England) is merely to "prod" the church. Members of the opposition Labour Party, on the other hand, did not hesitate to call for legislation to require the church to elevate female bishops. Also, to suggest that conservative Protestants and Catholics were, somehow, responsible, for the hesitancy of the Church of England in this matter.

We, at LR, wonder how it is that the Holy Spirit directs the requisite majorities among the bishops and clergy of a church in a matter, and a simple majority but not the requisite two-thirds majority among the laity?


Mr. Mcgranor said...

The vile post-Counterculture character. So popular in the dismantled postmodern West. They either welcome their death, or are not aware of it.

The Right Guy said...

F Cameron, that pantywaist POS. Politicians should keep out of religion and religious leaders should keep out of politics.