Friday, November 2, 2012

Breakaway libertarian party in Wyoming challenging Republicans who don't adhere to Constitutional principles

The Wyoming Country Party is a new political party that will nominate, support and elect candidates to the Wyoming legislature who will work to shrink state government, reduce state taxes, and take back control from the federal government for many functions that are constitutionally reserved to the states.

From Eric Dondero:

Now this is rather interesting. A small group of libertarian constitutionalists in Wyoming have split off from the Libertarian Party and formed their own state-based Country Party.

From SFGate, "3rd parties seek inroads in Wyoming Legislature":
Don Wills, of Pine Bluffs, said he and others broke away from the Libertarian Party after the 2010 elections to found the Country Party.

"We recognized that the Libertarian Party was a dead end," Wills said.
"We're constitutionalists, small-government conservatives. We do not take positions on many social issues like abortion, gay marriage, so on and so forth in that we believe that those are issues that each state and each candidate should take positions on," he said.

On the other hand, incumbent Republicans who are considered too liberal are too difficult to beat in primaries, Wills, who is running for U.S. House against incumbent Republican Cynthia Lummis, said.

That's why it's necessary to have a third party to challenge those Republican candidates in the general election, he said.
The Party is running 6 candidates including Joel Otto for US Senate.

Photos of WY Country Party candidates Joel Otto and Don Wills. More info -


Gary said...

**** work to shrink state government ****


You have to have a big state government first before you can shrink it.

Eric Dondero said...

Touche' Gary, touche'. How much smaller can Wyoming's government get?

But here's the thing. Wyoming is a great candidate to join Texas and Oklahoma in secession if Obama wins reelection.

The Right Guy said...

Under current conditions, I don't see any state seceding and that would include having Obama win.

What I do see is a civil dichotomy where we have people enculturated to marxism and socialism and people that believe in capitalism and liberty. IMO, under the right conditions, it could lead to a split, but as time goes on, the numbers of people in the former group grow and we move farther away from our original ideals, so the likelihood of such split diminishes with each passing year.

IMO, what is fundamentally at stake is who owns you and I? In a socialist/marxist/even social democracy, the state does. Time is the only true commodity we have and it's number is not know. Time and labor produce value and in most cases capital. When people have to work to supply some entity like government with capital under coercion, our time becomes not our own and our bodies, our labor are less ours. at some point we become slaves to a process that serves itself and those that run the infinite number of monkeys machine. Extreme examples with marxists regimes abound and are tyrannical, but make no mistake, the lesser of the evils with social democracies are no less evil in that they take what does not belong to them. There is no quid pro quo because there is no opt out and no matter what good some may say comes of it, again, you cannot say no if you want to create capital above board. Some have made arguments that even slaves benefit from slavery in that they are taken care of. It's still slavery and I will add one more thing: Even churches realize the difference in that tithing is less than government taxes and it's voluntary. What a concept.

IMO, if there is to be any split, it will be between those the succor to the collectivist state and those that don't want any part of it. Like Connery said in The Untouchables, "what are you prepared to do? "

Ran / SVP said...

Right. As in... fascist laws banning smoking on your own business property?

Freaking Hitler!

The size of government is relative, and the number of laws and regulations is absolute. There is work to do in Wyoming - and it's great to see good men rolling up sleeves and pushing back against the State - even if it doesn't meet with Gary's approval.

Right - almost forgot...


Casey said...

Actually guys the government here is quite large on the per capita basis, although taxes are the lowest in the nation, the government is about the 3rd biggest (between Connecticut and Vermont I think).... The legislature right now has about 14 democrats (out of 90 seats, senate and house), after the election we will probably have fewer then ten (Obama has obliterated the local democrat party)... The problem we are running into is that because you can't get elected without a R behind your name, there is a a lot of crossover voting for fairly liberal republicans, this is where the country party has come in to push Republicans back to the right.

Ran / SVP said...

Gary, I hope you greased-up. That HAD to hurt.

Before I forget...


Will said...

But them, these guys have rated Oregon as number eight on their overall freedom index.

Gary said...

I do not mindlessly knee jerk. I look at state government programs on a case by case basis.

The real spending insanity is at the Federal level. By running up debt and printing money the Feds are funding the spending insanity at state and local levels.

Cut off the money in Washington and the states will fall into line.

The Right Guy said...

THe problem with Mercatus is that they put more weight on abortion and smoking dope to equate liberty than they do with guns or smoking tobacco on your own property. They are more like consumer reports than anything reflective of reality.

Eric Dondero said...

Good info Casey. Thanks for that. And good luck with the Country Party. Sounds like a solid strategy.

Chuck said...

"Actually guys the government here is quite large on the per capita basis"

Yeah. And the state government of Alaska is a fucking Leviathan....per capita.

What tripe.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

What a cliche, romanticism. If you are not talking about the Pre-1964 Constitution; then you are not talking about The Constitution.