Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Handles and Etiquette

We have few rules here.  One of the few is that one may NOT use as one's comment handle the name of our Christian brothers' and sisters' L-rd and Savior.

By Ranald Hay

One is free to say just about anything in the 'comments.'  (For trolls and left-coasters, that means that you are quite free to expose your intellects in all their glory... to heavy abuse.  Fair warning.) Have at it.

The exception to this is the use of a blog handle that is calculated to offend people of Faith by forcing others to misuse it. Not Kosher. The same policy stands for other religions as well. I will personally be removing the posts of one offender later in the day. It is a policy we will follow religiously...

Thank-you for reading this blog.

Editor's comment - Ranald is a frequent visitor and occasional contributor to this blog. His views are of the Larry Elder / Denis Prager / Emmett Tyrrell libertarian-conservative sort. His own blog boasts in excess of *ten* hits a day! Never mind. (Image of Columbus, OH recycled from a greenie-weenie website. Think of it as "socially redistributive.")


Eric Dondero said...

No, it's called property rights. I am the owner of this website. I choose to operate it in the manner that I so choose.

I choose not to allow commenters to use the phrase "Jesus Christ" as their on-line moniker. Thus, I choose to delete any further comments from you or anyone else who uses it.

Eric - The Management

P.S. That was your very last post under that name. All future posts will be deleted on site.

Rational Nation USA said...

Can one post comment with the moniker atheist?

Eric Dondero said...

I prefer people post under their names. And town and state is a help too.


John Q Public
Bumfuck, Minnesota


Jane B. Doe
Whogivesaflyingfuck, Iowa

KN@PPSTER said...

So how do you know it wasn't actually Jesus Christ writing those comments, hmm?

Some people think he's still around, after all.

Eric Dondero said...

Because dummy, if that was really Jesus Christ he'd be using his real name Yeshua instead of his given Christian name.

KN@PPSTER said...


Ran / SVP said...

Heh. Now the vicious little troll is using your name, Eric.

Ran / SVP said...

I say we move to a Members format.

Rational Nation USA said...

Naw, yoi don't want to move to a members format. Universal notoriety requires open format if the site ls to continue to outpace the competition.

Les Carpenter
East Bumfuck

Ran / SVP said...

Eric, that little trollfuck has been repeatedly posting under your name from a Google+ account. I've been erasing them as they come in. It's kinda funny how pissed he is. Heh.

Dan Starr said...


Eric owns the site and he makes the rules. That is as it should be. You pay the price, in terms of time and money, you get the right to decide what happens there. Too many folks think that what others have is theirs.

Good for you Eric.