Friday, November 30, 2012

Because gay marriage is such a more important issue than un-married couples being whipped by Muslims don't ya know...

From Eric Dondero:

Oh, the irony. Liberals in the U.S. obsessed with a silly non-issue like the "rights of gays to marry," yet seem completely unconcerned about straight couples being beaten in the public square by Muslim prudes who oppose un-married unions.

From Google News, AFP, "N. Mali Islamists whip unmarried couples in public":
“Last week, the Islamist police in Timbuktu arrested three unmarried couples,” one resident said.

“And today, each of the six received 100 lashes of the whip in a public square in Timbuktu,” he added.

“The three unmarried couples were whipped in the small market in Timbuktu, in the town centre,” said a former civil servant who witnessed the punishment.

He said around a hundred people had turned out to watch the punishment, which was carried out under the Islamists’ interpretation of Islamic sharia law.
Editor's comment - So, where's the outcry from all these so-called "human rights" groups on the left? Double-un-PC-whammy. This is happening to straights, and it's a "repressed" group, Muslims who are the perpetrators.

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