Monday, November 26, 2012

Anti-Democrat Voter fraud group from Arizona, going nationwide

Voter Fraud Is it real? Military vote, suppressed? What gives? Can anything be done about it? Who cares?

Contact: Ronald Ludders, Chairman


Did voter fraud determine the the victor of the 2012 U. S. Presidential election? We'll discuss the growing incidence of this sad activity at both editions of the Arizona Project.

****** While we were enjoying Thanksgiving, OPERATION: "Stop Voter Fraud Now" was born.

The concept, conceived in Arizona, may force the Presidential election into the U. S. House of Representatives.

How on earth can that be accomplished? The is little doubt that fraud and military suppression played a huge role in the political precess. In order to be declared the winner of the Presidential election, a candidate must receive the majority of the electoral vote (270).

Currently, massive fraud has been reported access the country putting the validity of the results in doubt. Five states in particular (Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Penn. and Wisconsin) are notorious for voter fraud complaints. All five states went to Obama, BUT have Republican Governors. Governors who must convene their state's Electors to complete a Certificate of Ascertainment to confirm the election victor. This certificate is sent to Congress where the winner (the one who receives 270 electoral votes) is declared. But what if the results of the election in these state is clouded by fraud and military voter suppression? Can these questionable state's Governors be convinced to question the vote results in their states and thus NOT certify their veracity. In other words, certifying a "present" vote only, thereby reducing Obama's electoral total below the required 270 vote.

This action will NOT add votes to Romney, but rather cause neither candidate to receive a majority (270 votes) and force the election into the U. S. House of Representatives.

Chances of success? Not high but far better than nothing. Who knows? This may take off.

What is our role? We will be the catalyst, but the folks within the questionable states will be on the front line and will make the difference. Our job will be to find the contacts within each state and within the nation who can make this happen. Please pass this information to any and all you may know. We can never be sure who may have influence in this effort so keep moving forward, let our effort be bold, loud, clear. We must never give up.

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Jemas said...

You say there is 'Little doubt the fraud and military suppression played a huge role in the political process,' but I have quite a lot of doubt. Do you think you could cite your sources on this? I'd like it if you could use a source that has no political bias, or at least as little political bias as possible (IE, not left wing or right wing news sources).

Failing that, do you think you could explain to me why you think the media isn't reporting on this supposed fraud and military suppression? The media, as it stands now, exists primarily to sell itself, and political scandals always sell well. So if there was a scandal to report, why wouldn't they? It also can't be fear of being suppressed by the Obama administration, as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh,, Glenn Beck, this site, etc. are all up, despite rabidly attacking Obama and his administration for quite a while. So I'm curious, why do you think it isn't being reported?

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

You have "quite a lot of doubt" because you're a socialist Obama dick-sucking leftist.

Now, to quote New Yahkas: Get the fuck outta heh!

Eric Dondero said...

Why wouldn't those conservatives report on this? Duh! Maybe it's because THEY'RE FUCKING CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!!!! And not libertarians.

Conservatives are only slightly better than liberals. Problem with conservatives is that they're too fucking polite, and well-mannered.

We libertarians on the other hand DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK! We attack you socialist scumbags for what you are: Enemies of liberty.

Eric Dondero said...

Beck is an exception. He did actually report on all this extensively.

Limbaugh is too much of a moderate squish and too scared to talk about shit like this. Ditto Fox News.

Jemas said...

You appear to have put an amusing spin on my words, altered them in your mind to say what you wanted to respond to and then responded to that. Well done, this is known, in debating terms, as the Strawman fallacy, where one erects a fake argument (the titular Strawman), attributes it to their opponent and then knocks it down. For added hilarity, I would like to note that you did a very poor job knocking down the fake argument you subscribed to me, and were forced to resort to several other logical fallacies (most notably ad hominem and No True Scotsman) to knock down the strawman. Well done.

For the record, I am simply seeking evidence of the voter fraud you are taking as obvious. The purpose, such as it is, is to ensure that you are not, to phrase as a New Yorker of your imagination might, "making shit up."

I didn't use the word Conservative at any point in my post, but yes I'd like to question why they, and the media at large, are not reporting on this important story. When there were...let's call them voter irregularities in Florida in 2000, the media reported on little else for something like a month. I'm curious why you think they are forgoing the ratings boosts and prestige associated with reporting on this important story. They have little to lose and everything to gain, so again, why are they not reporting on it.

Failing you addressing that point, I would like to request a source for where you are getting your information pertaining to this widespread voter fraud. I would appreciate it if this source had no political agenda of any kind. If a clear majority of the articles are found to be pro-Obama or anti-Obama, then the source has a political agenda and cannot be trusted to keep from, as I said earlier, making shit up.

Now, I've attempted to be as polite as possible, especially since your opening statement accused me of being a socialist Obama dick-sucking leftist, so please attempt to do the same and try to be polite. I'm willing to hear your point of view, if you're willing to state it calmly and clearly, and back it up with evidence.

Queens, New York, NY

Tabitha Taylor said...

Fox has been reporting on it. See-
For a pretty extensive list that links to many reports from all over about it, see

Jemas said...

Thank you Tabitha. See, now we can have a discussion.

Unfortunately, there are several issues with your sources that lead me to continue to have doubts. I'm not going to point out the obvious bias of your sources (Fox is a ring wing news network and has been for a while, and the second site has a ludicrous number of links, almost all of which seem to lead to dead ends in sites like Red State and Tea Part Org).

The thing is, most of the things they are posting are either pre-election (most of the stuff Fox news posted) or can be chalked up to individual cases of personal incompetence. Take the man who claimed that an election worker said he 'had to vote democrat' in the races where the Democrat was running unopposed. Which is more likely, that she was part of a massive conspiracy to give the unopposed democrats an easier ride or that she was an undertrained moron?

Occam's Razor states that the simplest explanation, that fits all the evidence, is usually the correct one, and that simple idea does a number to the entirety of the evidence you posted. Take this story for example:

A brief google search reveals that he says he was joking and that he's been cleared of any wrongdoing, so tell me which is the simpler explanation? That he's part of a massive conspiracy to fix the vote and he missed the part of the orientation where they were instructed to not share this information or that he was kidding? My latest facebook post says that the new James Bond film will be titled '23 Is Not Enough." Which is more likely, that I have inside knowledge about the Bond franchise, or it's a joke to my friends?

Fixing a vote in a small third world country with no oversight, not much media and no real opposition is not difficult. Fixing a vote in a massive country with an active media and rapid opposition is quite difficult and would require hundreds, if not thousands, of people working in perfect tandem. Individual incompetence on the other hand, simply requires someone to be tired, overworked or just plain stupid, all of which are fairly common afflictions.

I'm not asking you to jettison all your beliefs. I'm simply asking you to engage some critical thinking occasionally. When a news story you read online says that there's been voter fraud, investigate their source, ask yourself why they're reporting it and say, the New York Times or CNN is not.

Ask yourself, was True the Vote out screaming about voter fraud during the 2000 debacle, when their was provable widespread voter irregularities? Then ask yourself, if their purpose is to make sure the vote is as accurate as possible so that the will of the people is enforced, or if their purpose is to try and force Obama out of office regardless of what the American people voted.

And if the latter is true, if all they want is try and see Obama ousted, rather than enforce the will of the people, then why should you, I or anyone, listen to them?

Queens, New York, NY