Monday, November 5, 2012

After rip roarin' Pennsylvania stop, Ryan Rocks into Minnesota

"America was founded on an idea... A Virginian Thomas Jefferson said it best. Our rights come from nature and nature's God, not from government... We're not going to try to replace our country's founding principles. We are going to reapply our founding principles!" -- Paul Ryan (8:00 minute mark)

by Clifford F. Thies


Yes, Minnesota!

Paul Ryan stoked the crowd at a hangar rally at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, with 10,000 people inside (according to the properly left-of-center Star-Tribune) and - as you can see from the photo - thousands more outside, in an overflow area.

On the same day, Bill Clintoon was in the state, as a surrogate for Obama. The properly left-of-center Star-Tribune gave no written estimate of the crowd for his event, and provided no photo of any crowd. Just a photo of Clintoon silhouetted against a backdrop.

Minnesota Public Radio estimated the Clintoon crowd at 1,000 inside the hall and another 3,000 outside. Again, no photos.

The St. Cloud Times similarly estimated the number of people inside the hall as 1,100. As for the number outside, this publication didn't give a number, but said the line stretched from the building in which the room was located to Fifth Avenue South. And, would you be surprised to find out that no pictures were given.

If I am reading the map of the campus of St. Cloud State University correctly, Fifth Avenue South is one block from the building, making the estimate of Minnesota Public Radio sound very generous. Sort of like all the skewed polls we keep getting for the mainstream media and the college-based polling organizations.

Enjoy this well-done homemade Youtube video of Ryan Rally in Middleton, PA. Gets really going at the 4:00 minute mark with his entrance. AC/DC blaring, of course. (photo of Minnesota rally from Freeper markomalley)

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