Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Reasons Mitt Romney and Republicans Lost Big in Election 2012


Charlie said...

I most agree with the Drug War thesis. The GOP is likely to win in 2016 no matter who they run. But if it is Marco Rubio AND he articulates a states rights position regarding Marijuana the GOP will be laying a great foundation for future victories. Considering the dems will send out a crusty Joe Biden which will NOT appeal to young voters why not put the nail in the coffin by saying the Federal government has no interest in daring your local Denver (and probably Los Angeles by 2016) pot shop.

Does the GOP have the ability to pull it's head a little out of its ass on this issue???

The Right Guy said...

It's State's Powers, not rights.

Charlie said...

RE: Jim

Well you are literally correct...

But the colloquial term is still valid: States' Rights - Wikipedia

Will said...

The single biggest reason the GOP lost, the GOP itself. The GOP doesn't speak to anyone with libertarian sensibilities, which I think is the majority of the country; most people just don't realize it, therefore are unable to articulate their political views. Until the GOP reaches out to social libertarians, social moderates, and purges itself from religious zealots, and creeps like Karl Rove, they will never win any election again. And who the fuck cares?

Anyone listen to Laura Ingraham today? Laura is done with the GOP. Glenn Beck? Done! Jerry Doyle? Done! Jason Lewis? Done! Michael Savage? Done! And I'm done with these lowlife motherfuckers! And when you hear Mark Levin bitch about the GOP as much as the aforementioned folks, you know these bastards are going the way of the Whigs.

Ran / SVP said...

Given that both the Won and Willard picked-up few votes than the Palin/McCain ticket, i screams that the big reason Mitt lost was a failure to turn out the base.

That was my grievous error - assuming Mitt would turn-out the Tea base. There were rather a LOT of people (like the gent we know in common) who pulled a straight Republican/Tea ticket but did not vote for Romney.

Chuck said...

" There were rather a LOT of people (like the gent we know in common) who pulled a straight Republican/Tea ticket but did not vote for Romney."

And the elected a Communist. Out of some masturbatory fantasy about "principle".

May they rot in hell. They're enemies of liberty. They might as well be members of the fucking Communist Party.

texaslittleel said...

Chuck, you are the perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party.

There is your way and no other way.
There are your views and no other views.

Did you actually vote or sit at home and masturbate?

There was NO difference between Obama and Romney. that is why 14 million less voters voted this time around and 3 million less, needed for Romney to win.

Don't blame the people that didn't vote for Romney's loss, blame him and the GOP machine that forced this idiot down our throat.

While I voted for Romney on Tuesday I literally felt I was voting for a toad, but he was OUR toad. A lot of people (at least 3 million plus) just couldn't stomach voting for Romney.

Romney was so inspiring that he and Ryan got even less votes than McCain/Palin. McCain was even a worse choice in 2008 and if Romney had been the candidate in 2008 the outcome would not have been any different.

Rational Nation USA said...

You're right Chuck. A vote for Facism in America would be a by far better vote, Right?

"May they rot in hell." Such hate, such fear.