Saturday, September 22, 2012

Geller hits a home run in CNN interview on free speech rights

From Eric Dondero:

Ayn Rand individualist Pamela Geller on her recent victory for free speech rights in the courts. Towards the end of the interview she challenges liberal/Islamist shill Erin Burnett:
I think your position is emboldening Islamic terrorism. Because you're sanctioning it. You're blaming the victim. I'm the victim. You're killing the messenger. The messenger of these attacks that have been inspired by Jihad.
UPDATE! Story linked by Reddit - Conservative. Welcome Reddit readers!


Kc Lion said...

Our Libertarian goddess hits it out of the park again!

Erin Burnett would most likely be the first wave of stupid willing women to don the Hijab, hoping to gather favor with her new Brotherhood masters.

What a tool.

Chuck said...

She missed an awesome opportunity to shame that drooling dipshit. Hate? Hell yes. If you don't hate the people who film themselves cutting off reporters' heads or blowing up buses and restaurants, you're sub-human. Of what worth is the affection or respect of someone so vile that they equate torturers with their victims?

Leftists are the absolute scum of this earth.