Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conservative firebrand Tom Tancredo backs Marijuana reform intiative

Cites libertarian leaders "Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Milton Friedman..." as others who back easing marijuana restrictions

From Eric Dondero:

Former 6-term Congressman and Republican for Governor Tom Tancredo has sent a letter to Republican leaders statewide endorsing Colorado's marijuana reform initiative.

The Denver Post reports, "Tom Tancredo backs marijuana measure":
“I have decided that it presents a responsible, effective and much-needed solution to a misguided policy,” he said.

“Eighty years ago, Colorado voters concerned about the health and safety of their families and communities approved a ballot initiative to repeal alcohol prohibition prior to it being done by the federal government. This November, we have the opportunity to end the equally problematic and ineffective policy of marijuana prohibition.”
The Post goes on to report that ironically, Democrat Governor, and Tancredo's former opponent John Hickenlooper opposes the marijuana reform measure.

Of particular interesting for libertarians, Tancredo makes this assertion:
Tancredo said in his letter that “numerous leading conservatives have voiced their support for reforming marijuana policies including “Pat Robertson, William F. Buckley Jr., George Will, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Milton Friedman.”
Note - Palin was attacked in her 2006 bid for governor in the GOP primary by her social conservative opponent Frank Murkowski for being a "closet pot legalizer." It got mentioned only very briefly by the mainstream media, in her 2008 Vice-presidential bid. A Republican for marijuana reform didn't quite fit the template, so the MSM kept it hushed.

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Kc Lion said...

Can it really be said that the Democrats are the party of Liberty? When this stuff happens?

The Answer is of course no.

Tom Tancredo is right on.

Sarah was ahead of the curve as usual.

As for Sarah being a "closet pot legalizer" I say good! Someone has new ideas instead of being forever stuck in a 30's mindset when it comes to Pot.

This Pothead is for Palin!