Saturday, August 18, 2012

Norway's Ansar al-Sunna vows another 9/11 if autonomy not granted to Muslim enclave near Oslo

"We do not want to be part of norwegian society... We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you."

From Eric Dondero:

A leading Islamist group in Norway is calling for an autonomous Sharia Zone to be set up in a largely Muslim enclave called Grønland near central Oslo.

Esspressomaskin published their threats in a letter sent to the Norwegian media (Translation h/t Vlad Tepes):
Do not confuse the moslems’ silence with weakness. Do not profit from the moslems’ patience. Do not force us to do something that can be avoided. This is not a threat, only the words of truth. The words of justice. A warning that the consequences can be fatal. A warning about a 9/11 on norwegian ground, or larger attacks than the one carried out on 22 july. This is for your own good and in your own best interest.’

‘We do not want to be a part of norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody. But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts. We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.’
Editor's comment - And how soon before we see the same here in the U.S.? Dearborn, Michigan (40% Muslim population), Minneapolis, parts of New Jersey, Chester, PA, D.C. suburbs in northern Virginia?


Chuck said...

Step one: Hang the mother fucker in public.

Eric Dondero said...

Foreigners calling for the violent take-over of sovereign territory? That more than meets the definition of treason for me.

CPT Tom said...

Europe needs to remember its history...Massed Horses, Sabers, Jacket Hollow Points and Water Cannons and clear out the rat hole. Norwegian Military units in reserve to level the d*mn place. This isn't some joke, these guys have obviously been emboldened by years of multicultural bull crud.

Dan Starr said...

If I ever needed more proof of the nastiness of "The Religion of Peace" (hah - examine the history, the real history of it's founder!) this would do it! Thanks, Eric, for keeping our "eye on the ball."