Monday, August 20, 2012

First Rand, now Milton Friedman: Paul Ryan's candidacy popularizing all the great free market thinkers

From Eric Dondero:

Does it get any better than this folks? Who would have ever imagined that we'd have a Vice-Presidential candidate for 2012, who is single-handily popularizing Ayn Rand and now Milton Friedman?

From the Chicago Daily-Herald, "Profile: Paul Ryan: Wisconsin roots, Washington clout":
Those interests had surfaced in college, when Ryan pursued an economics/political science double major at Miami University in Ohio. He had no problems with a macroeconomics class loaded with analytics and math.

Ryan also read the works of free-market thinkers such as Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, and fine-tuned his views in lengthy chats with a libertarian economics professor, Rich Hart.

“The core beliefs were already there,” Hart said. “I think he was just honing them with his studies, strengthening his belief in empowering individuals.”

Rand, the Russian-born writer who championed individualism and assailed big government, had particular sway.
Editor's note - Milton Friedman was my very first exposure to libertarian thought, as a 16-year old growing up in Delaware in 1978 watching the PBS series "Free to Choose." Then a few months later I discovered the Libertarian Party through the Ed Clark for President campaign.

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