Monday, July 23, 2012

Romney within striking distance... in... wait for it... MINNESOTA!

Can we win this State back from the Leftists and Islamists for real Americans?

From Eric Dondero:

Huh? Minnesota. The land of a thousand progressives. Home to ultra-America hating leftist and vote stealer Senator Al Franken. And home to America's Muslim Brotherhood representing Congressman Keith Ellison.

Now this, via Hedgehog:

Barack Obama (D_inc) 46%

Mitt Romney (R) 40%
Maybe Pawlenty as VP isn't so crazy after all?

(Yes, that is fatso cupcake-addicted Al Franken in a pink burka.)

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ajnock1976 said...

Coleman, who broke w/the Bush administration on the Iraq war messup was only narrowly defeated by Franken.

It's hardly surprising that the GOP is doing well in Minn.

You betcha!

yours truly

Alan Turin