Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is Dearborn lost to the Islamists?


From Eric Dondero:

Released just yesterday... Watch as Christians holding signs get pelted with rocks and stones by Muslim Youth. This is not the Middle East. This is not Lebanon, the West Bank or Gaza. This is Dearborn, Michigan (formerly) United States of America.

The first full autonomous Muslim enclave in the U.S.

Editor's comment - And all the while the liberals, Ron Paulists and left-libertarians say, Nothing to see here, move along, no threat from Islam, move along now...


Gary said...

Meaningless video.

Anyone can record anything on their cell phone. As a Blog editor I need background and context in order to post a story.

After watching this video I know nothing about the events.

M. Simon said...

Ha. I beat you to it by several days.

27 June:

FINCHNEST13 said...

One of the commanders of the police on the scene is Muslim and was on the reality series, "American Muslim." The full video is almost 30 minutes long. This type of behavior has been recorded in Europe more times than one cares to count. I'm all for one practicing their religion, but I'm also not for violent assaults being protected activities under "freedom of religion." If violence isn't legal in the US when an athiest does it, when a Catholic does it, when a Jew does it, when a Protestant does it, then it shouldn't be legal when a Muslim does it. Our justice system is being taken over by fear of not being politically correct, fear of rendering justice which will result in riots by certain protected groups who feel that anything they do should be understood and accepted because of their history of oppression. We're turning into a nation of sniveling pussies too afraid of offending someone by supporting the values our founding fathers so wisely put in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

FINCHNEST13 said...

I meant to say perceived history of oppression. Try reading "A God Who Hates," written by a Muslim woman, Waffa Sultan, because most Americans don't even know what the teachings of Islam are beyond what they hear on the main stream media.