Saturday, May 19, 2012

HUGE NEWS!! 2008 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate endorses Republican Mitt Romney for President

From Eric Dondero:

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr was the 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate.

Tweeted yesterday:
Bob Barr‏@bobbarr

I am pleased to support and endorse Governor Mitt Romney for President #gapol #RNC #mittromney #gop #tcot #romney2012

3:21 PM - 17 May 12via web

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IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This website remains committed to supporting BOTH Mitt Romney as a Republican and Gary Johnson as a Libertarian for President. We advocate "Vote Smart"; that libertarian Republicans in deeply red states vote for Johnson. The more votes for the Libertarian Party, the greater incentive President Romney will have to move in a libertarian direction. Conversely, we urge all libertarians in swing states, most especially Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and even quasi-swing state New Jersey, to vote Republican Mitt Romney.


jgeleff said...

Eric, I'll do the vote trade thing with you. I'm in PA, you're in TX. You vote for Johnson, I'll vote for Romney. Deal?

Chuck said...



Passer-by said...

I voted for Bob Barr last time, but I will be voting for Mitt Romney this time around.

Knowing that Mr. Barr had very good energy, fiscal and foreign policies, I suspected he may endorse Romney sometime soon.

Good move. We need to oust Obama!

Ran / SVP said...

This is good Eric. Barr has significant credibility in libertarian, constitutionalist and conservative circles.

Good on him and good on Mitt.

Chuck said...

Yeah. Barr is a pied piper.

jgeleff said...

It's my impression that Barr is quite despised in libertarian circles.

Eric Dondero said...

Ron Paul is despised in some libertarian circles. Comes with the territory.

Note - Barr beat Ron Paul's LP vote total by 150,000 votes.

jgeleff said...

"Note - Barr beat Ron Paul's LP vote total by 150,000 votes."

Meaningless statistic, as Barr's run took place 20 years past Paul's. In that time a little thing called the internet, which is a GREAT spreader of information, came into being, the population of the country grew by more than 60 million, and the country aged, meaning more people were coming to the age when voting normally occurs. Based on this, if he DIDN'T increase the vote total by the paltry sum of 1/4th of 1%, don't you think it'd be bad? That's a rounding error. That's people accidentally pushing the wrong button. Maybe the better question is why did he ONLY increase the vote total by 1/4th of 1%?

Eric Dondero said...

Hate to bust your bubble Jerry, but Badnarik in 2004 only got 350,000 votes. Barr greatly increased Badnarik's total. And he gets no credit for that.

In LP circles of which I am a part, the goal has always been to match Ed Clark's near 1 million total in 1980. Second goal was to bust 500,000. Barr reached the 2nd goal.

KN@PPSTER said...

In addition to that new thing called the Internet, there's also been significant population growth since Paul's 1988 run.

Barr was the fourth best-performing candidate among 10 LP presidential campaigns, receiving a lower percentage of the vote than Ed Clark in 1980, Ron Paul in 1988, and Harry Browne in 1996. Middle of the pack.