Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whaddya know! The son of the Tavern owner, much more popular than the Botox lady

A Whopping 60% Unfavorable for Pelosi

From Eric Dondero:

Interesting new set of numbers out of Rasmussen. Despite the liberal media spin, John Boehner is not that un-popular after all. In fact, he's gotten a wee bit more popular in recent weeks.

From Rasmussen Reports, "Boehner Is Most Liked Congressional Leader, Pelosi Still Least-Liked":
The current speaker of the House is the most-liked congressional leader, but he's even more disliked. However, his predecessor, who hasn't been in charge of the House for well over a year, remains the least-liked leader by far.

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Likely U.S. Voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of House Speaker John Boehner, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. But 42% have an unfavorable view of the Ohio Republican, although that's down from last month’s all-time high of 50%. The new findings include 10% with a Very Favorable opinion of Boehner and 22% with a Very Unfavorable opinion.
And the hard numbers. Notice Harry Reid's lackluster performance, as well.
Member of Congress Favorable/Unfavorable

John Boehner - 37%/42%

Mitch McConnell - 32%/36%

Nancy Pelosi - 31%/60%

Harry Reid -27%/48%
Editor's comment - Don't expect to see these results reported too widely in the mainstream media.

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jgeleff said...

Sad that somebody is trumpeting approval numbers that are barely 1/3. They're all worthless in DC, throw every one of them out and start over. Then throw all of THOSE people out. Then throw all of THOSE people out.....