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Thursday, April 12, 2012

UK Muslim cleric: Western women "behave like prostitutes"

They're all inspired by Lady Gaga

British Islamist Seyful Islaam's latest release.
Telling me about Lady Gaga. She dresses so weird, so funny. And people want to be like here.

Allah be praised. Is she crazy?

You see many of these women. They come out. And they behave, like what? Prostitutes.


jgeleff said...

And I for one am GLAD they behave like prostitutes.

Eric Dondero said...

Me too. Thank God for that! Allah be damned.

Chuck said...

You're glad you have to pay women for sex?

jgeleff said...

Leave your mom out of this, Chuck.

Eric Dondero said...

No, Chuck. Jerry and I are saying that we like our women (wives, girlfriends) to be wild and crazy in the bedroom.

And yes, like prostitutes in bed.

Got a problem with that?

jgeleff said...

I'm going to pull back on that mom remark, Chuck. I apologize. That was unfair. Funny as fuck, but unfair.

Chuck said...

Eric, if you have a dictionary, you should open it and look up the word prostitute.

Gary said...

I for one agree with the Muslim cleric. He is not saying anything different from an Orthodox Rabbi or a Catholic Bishop.

You have the RIGHT to act like a whore in public, but whatever happened to DIGNITY????? You have 7th graders dressing like hookers in class with clothes paid for by idiot parents.

But I guess having a little respect for yourself is asking too much.

Hack said...

Never in my life thought I would agree with anything a radical Muslim says, but he's right. I still prefer our wild, Western, women over their burqa babes any day.

Chuck said...

Try taking a little girl to the mall to find something wear these days. It's sick.