Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uh, oh! FAU Housing's seal on anti-Jew eviction notice posted on dorms by Arabist students

"Clearly this is an improper use of the county seal" -- Palm Beach County Administrator Brad Merriman

WPBF reports "Palestinian student group posts mock eviction notices at FAU dorms - Palm Beach County, FAU officials say use of emblems not authorized":
Palm Beach County attorneys are sending cease-and-desist letters to a Palestinian student group at Florida Atlantic University after the group posted mock eviction notices on several hundred dormitory doors [of suspected Jewish students] last week, which included an official county seal.

Posted by FAU's Students for Justice in Palestine, the fliers were designed to show residents how Palestinians experience eviction from their homes by the Israeli government.

The eviction notices had a county seal at the bottom with a disclaimer that the eviction notices were not official county business.

Assistant Palm Beach County Administrator Brad Merriman said it's not authorized.

"Clearly, this is an improper use of the county seal," Merriman said. "The county seal is to be used only for official county business or with official permission, which is rarely granted."
The eviction notices also had an FAU housing stamp on them, but the school's senior vice president for student affairs said the university did not condone or authorize the fliers.
It now appears that Students for Justic in Palestine is lawyering up. According to the report they are referring all further inquiries to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations.)

Exit question - Just imagine the national outcry if this had been some American students posting "Go Back to the Middle East" notices on doors of Muslim students.


Gary said...
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Gary said...

It is interesting how people view things.

ERIC - "It is anti-Jew"

GARY - "It is pro-private property rights."

For those still able to read after getting a public education, there is not one single anti-semitic word in this flyer. It discusses the right to hold and own private property.

A very Libertarian position.

J. Witt said...

This reminds me when some mosque was taken by the government, and the only problem Eric had with govt theft was that the "compensation" was split up according to the owners' wishes, or as Eric called it, creeping shari'a. Yawn...