Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twofer: With Fortuño as VP, helps Romney with Hispanics, and beefs up his fiscal conservative cred

The 2012 GOP ticket? Mitt, Ann, Luis y Lucé Vela

From Eric Dondero:

A new Fox poll shows Romney lagging behind with Latinos. Naturally, all eyes are turned to Marco Rubio. But there are at least three other solid Hispanic Republican contenders for the VP spot: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, and Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño.

He's featured at TheHill today, "GOP strategists: Puerto Rico Gov. Fortuno is a sleeper vice presidential pick." Of particular interest for fiscal conservatives and libertarians:
Fortuño seems to fit a lot of the criteria for the vice presidential spot —he would attract Hispanics, he’s young, energetic, considered a fiscal conservative, with experience in both Congress and as a governor.

As governor of Puerto Rico, Fortuño turned the territory’s economy around by lowering the corporate tax rate from 41 percent to 30 percent and making similar cuts to individual tax rates. Since Fortuno took office, Puerto Rico’s deficit has shrunk from $3.3 billion to about $600 million.

He attributes the territory’s dramatic debt reduction under his watch to serious cuts: “These are not Washington cuts….Puerto Rico’s fiscal and economic operation was by far the worst in the country.”
Editor's comment - With budgetary credentials like that, the "libertario" label fits the PR Gobernador like a guante.

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EBL said...

God, check your facts, if anything Puerto Rico is a barren land. No jobs, no agriculture, cost of living and transportation super high. Sadly, the government mission for 60 years has been to make people live of food stamps and federal aids to gain sympathy and votes so politicians can also live from political capital. Half the congressmen in Puerto Rico are uneducated and several were prosecuted in the last few years and convicted for corruption, bribery and other illegal activities. So bottom line, check your facts and don't just print meaningless numbers. You will get weak arguments such as we have fought for our nation since WWII and no one asked if we speak english, blah blah. Truth is as long as we remain a US territory, politicians will get votes promising more federal funds for schools, food stamps, state medical insurance, and young people know that the moment they get a real job, all the aids are withdrawn and they will not allow that. The will rather work ilegally part time, not paying income tax or social security and taking all the federal aids they can get, as teached by their parents ant their parents before them. Funds which are supposed to go to incapacitated or elderly people. Someone should make a real investigation and bring this to the public eye someday.