Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's a Republican Senate primary in California to challenge Dianne Feinstein

Who Knew?

From Eric Dondero:

This has got to be one of the best kept Republican secrets in the Nation. But it might be getting a bit louder.

A total of 11 candidates, as the SacBee described them - "relatively unknowns" - are vying for the chance to unseat incumbent Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Elizabeth Emken a health care industry CEO, received the official CA GOP endorsement last month. Now, self-made millionaire entrepreneur and a self-described "free market" Republican Dan Hughes is going after his rival. From his latest release:
They are determined to choose your U.S. Senate candidate for you. Republican Party insiders think you have no say even though it’s two months until Election Day.

The candidate chosen by these back-room power brokers spent years pushing for state legislatures around the country to adopt mandates against private healthcare companies, forcing them to make products very few consumers would ever use.

In a nation facing a leadership and a moral crisis, the party insiders think a high paid lobbyist who peddles special interest influence in the back rooms of corrupted politicians is the right kind of Republican for U.S. Senate.

They must believe big coercive government is good.

It shouldn’t shock you to learn that their lobbyist-turned-free-market-advocate also thinks coercing these companies to absorb the costs from those mandated products won’t send prices for all consumers sky-high. It’s just another underhanded form of taxation on customers and it’s also exactly what the liberals do.

Their candidate must have learned economics from a socialist having made a career out of lobbying for legislative manipulation of the free enterprise system.

In a free market where competition prevails instead of government mandates, innovation always finds better solutions.

It’s unbelievable that 24 Republican back-room insiders think that Obamacare Lobbyist Elizabeth Emken is the best Republican to beat Dianne Feinstein.

They must not believe in the free market because they want you to vote for a big government lobbyist, not a free market Republican.

I believe in free enterprise because I’ve worked in the free market my whole life.

The special interests – lobbyists like Emken – have too much influence already. I will work to eliminate their livelihood by simplifying our tax laws and regulation policies so that they will no longer have justification to work in Washington, D.C.
About Dan:
Before becoming a business owner, Dan managed a factory in Orange County. Today, Dan is owner and CEO of a hospital services company based in San Diego that provides jobs for almost 100 employees throughout California.


jgeleff said...

Does it really matter in California?

Eric Dondero said...

Yes, because you want a full ticket to help those few Republicans who actually win elections downticket.

mashary rashed said...

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Gary said...

There is no primary. Not one single meaningful Republican or office holder filed.

The Commie Bitch gets a free pass from the GOP.

Dan Hughes for CA US Senate said...

I agree Eric, we need a credible and inspiring candidate to help the entire GOP ticket in California. It's sad that the CA GOP used a corrupt endorsement process.

Eric Dondero said...

Dan, thanks for stopping by our site. We wish you the best.

And how's 'bout a little interview?

Eric - The Management