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Monday, April 16, 2012

Romney gains endorsement from a "great libertarian" Country singer

From Eric Dondero:

Mitt Romney picked up some beefy backing from the Country music business over the weekend.

From NewsMax, "Country Music Star Adkins to Newsmax: I'm Backing Romney":
“I want to be able to wholeheartedly support the nominee and so I have not publicly told anybody who my guy was. But it’s going to be Mitt Romney and I am going to support him 100 percent and hopefully we’ll get a Republican back in the White House,” the country music superstar told Newsmax.TV in an interview at the National Rifle Association’s convention in St. Louis.

Adkins, who says he’s a “huge supporter of the NRA,” said he felt it was important to elect a GOP president.

“I don’t like the direction that Democrats want to take this country,” he said. “I’ve been a Republican since I registered to vote in 1980.”
Adkins is known for entertaining the Troops overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. He's also been a champion of individual liberties. So, much so, he's earned the respect from a famous Ron Paul supporter.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said in an interview with Glenn Beck late last year ("TSA pat downs a violation of the Fourth Amendment?"):
Well, I had that great libertarian singer Trace Adkins on my show.


jgeleff said...

He's a "great libertarian" so naturally he'd support a socialist. What I see is that Trace Adkins wears a NHH every time you see him, so I get the idea that his vote might be anti-black man.

Chuck said...

Do you pieces of shit know a single thing about Brakabama other than what color you think he looks?

Damn, you people are fucking scum.

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry, can you explain to us how it is, someone can be simultaneously a "socialist," yet be slammed by the media just a week ago, for ties to "Ayn Randian libertarian" Paul Ryan?

You can make the argument that Romney is not a libertarian, and more of a moderate Republican. But a socialist?

There is not a single Republican, not a one, that is a socialist. Even DeDe Scazzofava, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, you pick the most moderate squishy Republican you can find. And they're not a "socialist." They're voting record reflects 40 to 50ish NTU, ACU, pro-free market scores. Sucks, yeah. But hardly 10 to 20 range socialist.

Chuck said...

He's a fucking shill for brakabama. That's how.

Ran / SVP said...

Eric, can you explain to us... why you take Jerry seriously?

When one parses out his nonsense, it has a distinct barley-inspired stream of consciousness to it... dig? If even Jerry doesn't understand what the Hell he's saying... dude.

. . .

BTW, Eric, those RINO's... Are by definition predominantly collectivist. Screw the ACU ratings; they don't reflect Libertarian values well. 40 to 50 is sad, sad "libertarian" creds indeed. Those are the kind of record that got us to this freaking mess in the first place.

Look: Liberty is pretty much an extreme end on the collectivist scale, the other being, say, North Korea. Being only half-way to absolute tyranny by definition makes one a collectivist. Think of it as "compassionate collectivism."

So YES, Dede and Olympia and Suzie are socialists to the bone. They're simply "moderating" the speed at which they'd drive us over the fucking cliff.

Chuck said...

They all voted against Brakabama's health care takeover. When it gets down to it, it matters a hell of a lot whether democrats or republicans get elected. Had there just been a few more republicans elected to the house, that totalitarian shitpile never would've passed.

There are no republicans as bad as the best democrat.

jgeleff said...

OK, so in the same post, Ran says I can't be taken seriously, then completely agrees with me and makes my point. That makes a lot of sense.
As to why Romney is a socialist, it is because he pushed for and signed Romneycare. I will agree that IF such a monstrosity is to exist, it is better at the state level than national, following the 10th Amendment. If it means that much to me, I can leave the state rather easily. Not so easy leaving the country. That said, the fact that he supported it, the fact that he was all in for bailouts and stimulus, makes him a socialist. He believes in the power of government over the power of the individual. He buys completely into state fixes for economic problems instead of walking the line and saying "The private sector will take care of this."
As to the media slamming him for his ties to a Rand fan, that's called media spin. They're so far left that if you disagree with a state solution to a problem, you're a total heretic and you want babies to die in gutters with wooden stakes through their hearts to make sure they don't come back. And I will admit that he has slightly different ideas than Obama. But they all involve more government control, and they will all fail miserably. AND THAT MAKES HIM A SOCIALIST.

jgeleff said...

"You people", Chuck? Are you referring to blacks? Seems that you are. Do you have your NHH on too?

Ran / SVP said...

Chuck, yes, and a few more Libertarian-Republicans (or constitutional Republicans) please.

Eric Dondero said...

Chuck is right: Olympia and Susan Collins voted against ObamaCare. Yet they get NO credit from puri-tarians for that.

Ran / SVP said...

That's me, Eric! Puritarian Party!

: ]

Chuck said...

"Seems that you are."

Only to a slobbering fool, you lowlife piece of shit.

So there's nothing then, shitbag? Not a single thing you know about Brakabama other than what color you think he is?

What a fucking maggot.

jgeleff said...

Oh, I'm sorry Chuck. I didn't use your wording. No wonder you called me a maggot. I should have asked if by "you people" you meant "the coloreds". That's your normal phrasing, isn't it?

Chuck said...

Do you fucking leftist vermin ever get tired of being filthy liars, you greasy fucking cunt?

Chuck said...

So the answer is no. You don't know a single fucking thing about your corrupt little lord and savior Brakabama other than the color you think he is.

What a cunt.

jgeleff said...

Better a cunt than a racist pig like you Chuck.

Chuck said...

It's telling that you're willing to (anonymously) admit in a public forum what a mindless little flake you are. Why do you consider non-whites to be inferior forms of humanity, jigglejeff? What did they ever do to you?

jgeleff said...

The deflecting doesn't work, Chuck. You're the one who started the racist stuff with "you people", not me. And then farted off your usual name calling because there isn't a thought inside that squirrel like brain. C'mon, Chuckie!! Time to get on the exercise wheel.

Eric Dondero said...

Children!!! Be nice.

It's not like we have Justin Raimondo here in the Comments section of LR. We're all friends here.

Now if Raimondo or some other punkass antiwar libertarian enters the fray, that's a different story. Let it rip!! Cunts, mother-fuckers, assholes, pussy-boys, all that shit fair game when describing left-libertarians.

Eric - The Management

Chuck said...

Suck my dick, Eric. This leftist piece of shit is dumping lies all over your goddam website and you're encouraging the fucking maggot to do so.


jgeleff said...

So Chuck ISN'T dumping lies? Look in the mirror THEN start casting aspersions, Chuckie Poo.
And Eric, Chuck and I are not friends. He's made that clear.

Chuck said...

Name one, you fucking animal. Name a single thing I've written that isn't true, you gutless faggot.

Did your father want a piece of shit, lying coward? Are you what he wanted?