Monday, April 16, 2012

Pot-smoking California dude, ex-Marine, takes on Obama, Dems through street art

Must See! Well worth the entire 5 minutes

by Eric Dondero

Meet Sabo. As he describes in the video, he is an former tank gunner in the Marines. He's not a pot-smoking artist living in California. And he's a raging rightwinger. He targets Obama with especially vicious posters. He also goes after the gross hypocrisy of the left.
These flags. These are Nazi flags. I was really bothered when Obama came out with this rising sun 'O' logo. There was just something very swastkia about that.
Of particular interest to pro-defense libertarians, Sabo also takes on the irony of liberals completely ignoring Islamism, specifically the burka issue. About halfway through the video, you'll see his posters of Hollywood starletts (like Reese Witherspoon) covered up in burkas.

But Sabo also has some harsh criticisms for his fellow Republicans.
I really believe that the right has dropped the ball... I'm really pissed. I wanna grab some of these old Republicans, and say, hey man, you gave the left Hollywood. You gave them the education system. You gave them our kids. You gave them everything. Where the fuck were you. You were asleep at the switch for decades.
We libertarian Republicans couldn't agree more. Lose the politness fellow Republicans. Time to get as nasty and vicious as our Democrat foes.

Visit his site, UnsavoryAgents. Help him with a donation. WARNING: His site has some highly offensive material on it... to liberals that is.


Gary said...

Isn't it a little early in the morning for Hitler???

Ran / SVP said...

Hardly! You're welcome here any time, Gary.

: ]

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