Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paladino's back... And as controversial as ever

"Establishment boys," a "bunch of pussies"

From Eric Dondero:

Republican eyes are starting to turn to New York. The NY GOP primary is set for April 24. And one highly controversial upstate Republican is still backing Newt Gingrich.

Facing a shortage of funds, Gingrich drastically scaled back his campaign last month, saying he'll only compete in states where it makes strategic sense in the context of his broader goal of trying to deny Mitt Romney a delegate victory and force a brokered convention.
He's quoted:
"If Newt can put up a decent number in New York, I think he'd have some power at the convention," Paladino said.

"Unlike these other pussies that are saying, 'Oh, we don't want to have a brokered convention, oh'—they're a bunch of pussies, OK? Those are the ones that are the establishment boys that think they're still viable with the people. They're not viable with the people anymore. Those are the control boys. All they're about is keeping the status quo and the status quo is not real anymore for the Republican rank and file nationally."
Editor's comment - Yoh Carl, we libertarian Republicans don't mind the swearing. But we do mind the fact, that you lost your friggin' election in 2010, with a measly fuckin' 26% of the vote! Perhaps if you had won, you'd have more credibility in calling other Republicans "pussies."


Chuck said...

Who gives a fuck about New York? I think it's like California now. No chance so don't bother unless you simply want to help other republicans down the ticket.

jgeleff said...

I don't understand how losing an election makes him a pussy. Can you explain that?

The Right Guy said...

A republican in NY isn't even as useful as bringing an accordion on a deer hunt.

Chuck said...

I feel that the more republicans get elected in places like New York, the better chance they have of not turning into fucking sewers like Chicago and Detroit.

Chuck said...

That said, I can't imagine a republican presidential candidate carrying New York today. It's too far gone. Even with a lying, criminal incompetent like Brakabama as your opponent, New York is out of reach, I think.

The Right Guy said...

It didn't work out that way where I lived. In fact it was so bad I voted for democrats in my county.

Chuck said...

When? How long ago?

The Right Guy said...

From the 40's until the 90's, when they got their asses kicked out for an employee healthcare scheme that cost the county over 100 million. They had to raise property taxes 19% or something like that in one year. They were incredibly corrupt. No one in county government got a promotion without patronage. Most county jobs were patronage, unless someone scored first on a test and couldn't be ruled out. My brother did that and they tried to discourage him 100 ways from sunday. It seems the next door neighbor to the party chairman was supposed to get the job and placed 7th on the list.

Then there was when my uncle, a detective for the county, was one bag man among many cops for judges bribe money. It almost never ended. Al D'Amato came out of that mess. He's another piece of work most don't know about. It might as well have been the mob running things.

Chuck said...

The democrat party was different then. Decent people have been completely purged from their ranks. People often wax retarded about the "polarization" of American politics but never seem to be able to take the next obvious step and point out that the democrat party has been steamrolling it's way toward all out Stalinism. Would any serious person say the democrat party isn't ten fucking miles to the left of where it was even ten years ago(let alone twenty or thirty?)

Meanwhile, drooling fools say republicans and democrats are "the same". What sanctimonious idiocy.

I would say the republican party has become nominally more conservative since, after all, where the hell is a conservative to go? There used to be a place in the democrat party for populist, conservative to libertarian voices.
Those days are over.

The Right Guy said...

For instance, a many time local democratic candidate for county supervisor was more fiscally conservative than any republican or other democrat. The guy was the most straight up guy you'd like to meet. Ben Zwirn lost by only 3 points in an election where the GOP had cemeteries voting.

As far as the politics of working for the government:
One day one of my dad's direct reports comes in as his boss after paying the party $10K. The idea of meritocracy is doubly antithetical: Civil Service and Corrupt Politics.

Chuck said...

You have more personal experience in this stuff than I do, but I really don't associate "fiscally conservative" with any democrat at the federal level.(and all politics is federal now)