Thursday, April 12, 2012

London Univ. may go Alcohol free to appease Muslim students

No longer just a Decline; Now a complete Fall of Western Civilization

From Eric Dondero:

And so it begins... The University has admitted so many Muslim immigrant students, that they are now tipping the scales against Western attitudes and culture.

From The Daily Telegraph, "London university considers stopping sale of 'immoral' alcohol on campus because it offends their Muslim students" April 12:
A university is considering ending the sale of alcohol on campus due to concerns from Muslim students.

London Metropolitan University could take action because a ‘high percentage’ of its students thought drinking was ‘immoral’, according to its vice chancellor.
Professor Malcolm Gillies raised the prospect of an alcohol-free campus after gauging the changing values from the influx of new students.

He said it would be unwise to ‘cling’ to a ‘nostalgic' view where the vast majority wanted alcohol to be available and instead take account of diverging views.
He told MailOnline: ‘I was raising the issue of changing values in student populations and the question of how a responsible university responds.
‘London Metropolitan University is a highly diverse university ethnically and in religious terms. '

'Our students come from all over the world and they come with changing balance of values.
And Gillies forsees a time in the not too distant future, when London is no longer London. Continuing:
‘As we go through the next 10 or 20 years in London, we are going to find these cultural values and their differences become more and more important in society.’

Professor Gillies said he would work with the student body to move towards having areas on campus where ‘one serves alcohol and others don't’, but could foresee a time when the university was an alcohol-free zone.

He added: 'That's what education's actually about, modeling diverse behaviours so we create liberal students in a liberal intellectual environment.'


jgeleff said...

They don't seem to understand the concept of "assimilate", do they?

Will said...

This is the most shocking news since Ireland banned smoking in pubs.

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry, I luv ya man, but your peeps are partly to blame for this. The Ron Paulists and non-interventionists absolutely REFUSE to admit that Islam is a threat to our personal liberties.

Piss on them. The Raimondos, Rockwells, Ron Pauls are almost as bad as the Islamists that are bringing this all about.

James Joseph Gang said...

Going alcohol free means nothing. look at American colleges

jgeleff said...

Eric, I don't see RP (don't know much about Rockwell, and know very little about Raimondo, so I'll reserve comment) that way. This guy's first and foremost concern is America. Not lining his pocket with a kickback from a government contract for his brother in law, not in some zealotry anti-porn make him look law and order tough stand. Nothing like that. America first, and I believe he'd fight problems of invasion to his death.

Chuck said...

Eric, why do you insist on pretending this democrat troll is some sort of libertarian? You're being used. Jigglejeff is a brakabama supporter. Quit helping him in his cause.