Friday, April 13, 2012

Geert Wilders and the PVV fight back against Muslims vandalizing "sexy" posters

From Eric Dondero:

They first started to pop up on London's eastside. Sharia "No Go Zones." Muslims moved in and started taking over entire neighborhoods. Gays, alternative lifestyles advocates, bars, taverns, sex shops were all kicked out. Stickers and posters were put up on lampposts throughout the area warning native Brits to stay away.

Now, it's apparently spreading to the Netherlands. Dutch News reports - "Reclameposters in Utrecht gecensureerd door moslims" (Advertising posters censored by Muslims in Utrecht).

A note pasted to the posters reads, "There is no God but Allah," indicating that the vandalism was done by Muslims. Advertising posters on bus shelters throughout Utrecht Kanaleneiland where taped over because they were deemed as "too sexy" and suggestive. The posters were part of a state-sponsored Museum weekend urging Dutch citizens to visit arts centers.

Other grafiti spray-painted on the posters read:
"No sexual oriented advertising in our district."
According to Norwegian blogger Vlad Tepes:
De PVV in de Tweede Kamer heeft inmiddels vragen gesteld aan minister van Veiligheid Ivo Opstelten (VVD) hoe hij deze vorm van censuur denkt aan te pakken.
(Translation from Dutch News by Ethan):
The PVV [Geert Wilders Party For Freedom] in parliament now has questions to Minister of Security Ivo (VVD) on how he plans to address this form of censorship.
Editor's note - The Reason crowd, alternative lifestyles supporters in the Libertarian Party, Libertarians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns, Radley Balko at TheAgitator and a whole host of others constantly agitate for sexual freedoms. If a Christian Right group expresses the slightest bit of concern on a sexually-charged issue, these activists go apeshit crazy. Muslims threaten sexual freedoms of Westerners through violence and intimidation? Suddenly, there's complete and utter silence from this crowd.

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