Sunday, April 8, 2012

French TV News finds Far Right in Europe to be rather tolerant

Absolute Must See!!! Highest Importance!!! Pass Along!!! (Dubbed in English)

From Eric Dondero:

This is without doubt the most important video for freedom lovers of the week, if not month, or year.

French TV digs deep to find out what's behind the recent wave of Far Right political parties, including Marine Le Pen's National Front, and the PVV Party For Freedom in the Netherlands.

What they find, is not at all what they expected; reasonable Frenchmen and women, Dutchmen, simply concerned about the loss of identity of their native countries, and wanting a more fiscally conservative direction for their nation's economy.
Europe [EU] has been imposed on us, as a result we've lost our identity... there is a feeling that Islam is favored over other religions. Which infringes upon secularism.
Of particular note for libertarians, one Dutchman, a strong supporter of Geert Wilders PVV, is interviewed in a marijuana cafe, complete with a rastafarian Bob Marley poster in the background. Reggae pot smokers not exactly the image most liberal media portray of the "Far Right."

H/t as always, to the single greatest political site on the web, Cherandine at Islam versus Europe.


Chuck said...

The so called "far right" in Europe is libertarian.

Eric Dondero said...

Yeah, but you wouldn't know that by reading,,, Reason or Cato.

They're loathe to admit the truth. Cause then they're automatically LEFT LIBERTARIANS. And we here at LR are MIDDLE LIBERTARIANS, and kings of the hill.

Dan said...

I'm still trying to figure out why "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was being played a background music for this video.