Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Follow-up: Swedish Cultural Minister participates in Racist Sambo Cannibal stunt at Anti-racist arts festival


From Eric Dondero:

Since yesterday, this story has pierced the UK and American media (The Guardian, memeorandum, BusinessInsider.com). As far as we can tell, we were the very first American website to report on it. Now, a video is available. Above, it's not for the faint of heart. You thought the photo was bad?

And there's more details to the story.

From 3 News New Zealand, "Swedish Minister of Culture slices 'racist' genital mutilation cake":
Stockholm's modern art museum recently hosted an exhibit about degrading stereotypes that black people have endured. It prompted one Swedish organisation to demand that the nation's culture minister resign. A bomb threat also closed the museum yesterday.

No bomb was found while the museum was evacuated for several hours, and it was not clear who had made the threat or whether it was connected with the exhibit.

On Sunday, Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth participated in an event at the museum that involved several cakes designed by artists, including one in the shape of the naked torso of a black woman. Watch the video below.

The black cake, part of an exhibition on World Art Day, also had a real human head poking through the table screaming in pain. It was intended as part of Afro-Swedish artist Makode Linde's project illustrating degrading stereotypes of black people through history.

However, a Swedish organisation promoting the rights of people of African origin called the cake exhibit racist and said that Liljeroth should resign for participating in a "tasteless, racist spectacle".

"According to Moderna Museet, the cake eating party was intended to highlight the problem of female circumcision, but how this is supposed to be done with a cake depicting a racist caricature of a black woman ... is unclear," said Kitimbwa Sabuni, head of the African Swedish National Association.
The Minister responded to her critics:
"I was invited to speak at World Art Day about the freedom of art and its right to provoke," she said in a statement to The Associated Press. "And then they wanted me to cut into the cake. I don't review art, but I can very well understand that this whole situation was misunderstood."
Exit question - How in the bloody hell do liberals get away with this shit? If she had been a member of Sweden's FDP (Geert Wilders-like anti-Muslim immigrant party: Anti-EU, pro-tax cuts, pro-Israel), she would have been run out of office, the next day.

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