Thursday, April 5, 2012

El Cajon Iraqi woman "hate crime" murder case a big hoax: Will the liberal media, CAIR, and Islamist activists worldwide now apologize?

by Eric Dondero

The liberal narrative was set: Racist white guy, probably in the military there in San Diego, committed a brutal murder of an immigrant Iraqi woman who wore a hijab. A note was found by the body, "Go back to Iraq you terrorists." highlights how the media originally played the story, "A hate-filled non-hate crime?"
The London Daily Mail:
‘One Million Hijabs for Shaima:’ Women worldwide of all faiths post pictures of themselves in headscarves after race hate murder
Iraqi-American murder highlights anti-Muslim hate crimes
The Daily Beast:
Shaima Alawadi’s Brutal Murder Highlights Anti-Muslim Activity in San Diego... The young mother’s killing is the latest in a disturbing increase in anti-Muslim incidents in and around San Diego. Community leaders are asking why, writes Jamie Reno.
And here's another one, from just a day ago,
LIBERATION: Newspaper of the Party for Socialism
The racist murder of Shaima Alawadi - Fight the system and defeat Islamophobia!
Of course, CAIR went nuts over the murder, issuing daily press releases denouncing racist America, and rampant "Islamophobia" in San Diego and nationwide.

As mentioned above, the Muslim immigrant community even launched a worldwide campaign against "Hate." Muslim women around the world were urged to wear hijabs and burkas and post messages on Facebook and YouTube in support of the victim and her family.

Now with news breaking out of San Diego this morning, that it was all one big giant hoax, that the woman was likely the victim of family violence and even a Muslim honor killing, will they all now apologize and issue retractions? So far, there's nothing but silence from the same news sites that jumped the gun, from Muslim activists, and liberal groups.

CAIR San Diego for example, is still running news items from March 27:
"Combating Hate In San Diego," "Remembering Shaima Alawadi," and "Death of Iraqi woman a hate crime?"
UPDATE! L.A. Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, now all reporting it a likely hoax, "Court documents show little evidence of hate crime." And this headline just minutes ago from ABC News:
Iraqi Hate Crime Murder Probe Raises Questions About Daughter, Husband


Libertarian Advocate said...

I wish I could say "Unbelievable!" But it's not, not by a long shot.

The left media screw up, and it's absolute silence, not even crickets to be heard.

Beyond shameful.

Ran / SVP said...

Not a screw-up. It's agit-prop. Like the noose at Columbia, the Duke rape case, Tawana Brawley... like the entire fraud perped against Zimmerman.

Eric Dondero said...

Oh, this is getting good. Real, real good.

I just Googled Iraqi woman El Cajon. The entire liberal media is reporting the story now, and to their credit are reporting it as a hoax.



Eric Dondero said...

I am just so fuckin' giddy today. I'm giggling my ass off over this.

Fuckin' Raimondo. What a giant douchebag he is. And Messamore! Goddamnit. Good kid. He ought to know better. But he bought into it all, blinded by his assinine Ron Paulist fanatisicism.

C'mon. Anyone who saw that video could tell the bitch was lying. Even the most hardened left-libertarians had to see that.

JJ said...

Eric you may be right but you are an ass.

Eric Dondero said...

I am most certainly an ass. No denying that.

But my wife loves me, and I've got the greatest dog a man could ever ask for. What more could I ask for in life?

Ran / SVP said...

Hmmm... A decent single malt to go with your good fortune?

: )