Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dan Halloran announces for Congress - New York

Pro-Defense/Pro-Israel libertarian

From Eric Dondero:

New York's 6th CD has gotten an extreme makeover. It's significantly more Republican (GOP areas of Queens), than before re-districting. NYC councilman Dan Halloran has announced for the seat. (He is one of only 4 Republicans on the NYC council out of 52).

Dan is a longtime Libertarian/Republican (Member of both the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party and elected to office on both tickets) and a longtime Republican Liberty Caucus member (attendee at two RLC National Conventions).

Halloran is an Ayn Randist. He's also an adherent of a Celtic Pagan religion, which became a campaign issue in his race for council in 2009. Of particular note, for pro-defense libertarians, he is unabashedly Pro-Israel.

From The NY Daily News:
Dan Halloran is running because President Obama and the Democrats have turned their backs on our middle-class families and our closest ally, Israel," said spox Steven Stites. "Thanks to the president’s failed policies, we face $4-a-gallon gasoline, stagnant job growth, and instability in the Middle East that threatens Israel and all Americans. The Democrats in this race would be nothing but rubber stamps for the president. Dan Halloran will be a new, independent voice for New York.
He attracted an impressive group of supporters for his campaign launch.
Congressman Rick Lazio; Council Member Eric Ulrich; former Council Member Grant Lally of the Irish-American Republicans; former State Senator Frank Padavan; Phil Ragusa, chairman of the Queens Republican Party; Mike Long, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.
Sidenote; Dan has significantly slimmed down in recent photos. Weightwatchers, South Beach Diet? Whatever it is, it's working. Looking good!


Patriot099 said...

Thrilled to hear Halloran seeking higher office - however I feel his stance on Israel, in particular, is very troubling. I would not vote for him just on this issue alone. It is more in keeping with neo-conservatism. Yuck!

Patriot099 said...
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