Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Coors runs for Congress - Where else? Denver, Colorado

From Eric Dondero:

The last Coors to run, was Peter Coors, a self-described "libertarian," for US Senate in 2004. But sadly, he lost in a heartbreaker, to Ken Salazar.

Now, another Coors is stepping forward. This time it's Joe.

The Washington Times reports, "Coors beer heir makes waves with catchy campaign ad" April 6:
Mr. Coors, 70, actually has less of a beer background than many in his family. The former CEO of high-tech ceramics firm CoorsTek, he's running to challenge Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter in the 7th Congressional District. The 58-year-old Perlmutter is seeking his fourth term.

So far Mr. Coors has no rivals for the Republican nomination, and the party has high hopes that his name recognition, financial resources and experience as a jobs-creator will give him an edge in the Democrat-leaning district.
And he's got some catchy radio spots:
"One friend suggested that with a name like Joe Coors, I should just run for Congress as a beer. After all, people like beer but they don't much like Congress," says Mr. Coors with a chuckle. "But I'm not a beer. I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather, a manufacturer."
Perlmutter is normally considered safe. But redistricting has thrown a few more Republicans into his district.

And this bit of news from the Aurora Sentinel, "Coors outraises Rep. Perlmutter in latest quarter":
Republican congressional candidate Joe Coors Jr., of the famed Coors family, disclosed impressive fundraising figures Tuesday, leaping over incumbent Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter by more than $77,000 since announcing his candidacy.

Coors' campaign said Tuesday he raised about $449,300 for the period that ends April 15. The great-grandson of brewery founder Adolph Coors announced Jan. 31 that he would run for Denver's suburban 7th District. He's challenging an incumbent whose working-class, roll-up-your-sleeves persona has resonated with voters who have re-elected him twice.

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