Monday, April 16, 2012

Belgium's libertarian Vlaams Belang party criticized by international media for opposing freeloading immigrants

From Eric Dondero:

The Belgium equivelant of rightist libertarian Dutch Party For Freedom (PVV) is Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) headed by flamboyant patriot Filip Dewinter (his daughter in the photo - right).

Late last year they launched an anti-Islamist/anti-Burka campaign which garnered a great deal of international attention. Now, they're in another roe.

Dewinter & Co. have started a website to report illegal immigrants mooching off Belgium taxpayers.

From international Press TV, (video report at link):
This site is the latest example of growing anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe. Recently, a conservative party in the Netherlands launched a similar website. But such attitudes are no longer limited to right wing parties, France, Britain, and Germany are cracking down on immigrants, illegal and otherwise, who refuse to assimilate and are the major cause of soaring crime rates.

Meanwhile, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang argues that illegal immigration is being encouraged through services such as counseling and legal assistance. The party says illegal immigrants abuse social services and are quote: “pampered and spoiled.”
The reporter goes on to highlight French President Nicolas Sarkozy in France who has moved to the right and is espousing "anti-immigrant" ideology.

Editor's comment - Of course, to the liberal media, it's anti-immigrant. To us libertarians and fiscal conservatives, who are pro-legal immigration, it's anti-immigrant moocherism, not anti-immigrant.

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