Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ayn Rand devotee Sen. Ron Johnson endorses Mitt Romney two days before Wisconsin primary

Only Manufacturer in the US Senate

From Milwaukee, "Wis. Sen. Ron Johnson Endorses Mitt Romney":
First-term Sen. Ron Johnson says Romney is the right candidate to carry the GOP's fight against President Barack Obama.

Johnson tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that Romney is "ready, willing and able to lead this nation'.'

The senator isn't saying the other Republican candidates should drop out. But Johnson says Romney is the only candidate with a realistic chance of getting the necessary number of delegates to win the nomination.
See LR article 2010, "Ayn Randian capitalist Ron Johnson moving into solid lead over socialist Russ Feingold." See LR article 2010, "AntiWar leftist Russ Feingold falls behind Ayn Randist Ron Johnson in Wisconsin."

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