Monday, April 9, 2012

Arabist students using Nazi-like tactics against Jews on campus in South Florida

Attn. Jews - Leave Now!

The Orlando Sun-Sentinel, "Fake 'eviction notices' scare Jewish students" April 4:
more than 200 Jewish students in three dorms... received fake notice[s] from the campus group Students for Justice in Palestine.

“Some students who didn’t read the document believed they were really being evicted,” said Exelbierd, a 20-year-old sophomore from Memphis, Tenn.

The flier drew attention to Students for Justice in Palestine’s claim that about 25,000 homes have been demolished since the “occupation of Palestine” by Israeli troops began in 1967.
[Rayna] Exelbierd said students are very concerned. “We’re taking it very seriously,” she said. “We’re considering it a hate crime. The flier promotes hate; it doesn’t promote peace. People were scared by it. People felt threatened by it.”

Exelbierd and some of the other students who found the fliers on their doors met Wednesday at the offices of Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach on the Boca Raton campus to discuss the incident.

Scott Brockman, Hillel executive director, said in a statement, “While protecting and ensuring free speech on campus, the tactic used by Students for Justice in Palestine is unacceptable.”

The tactic, he said, “Does not promote civil discourse on campus but provokes, incites and intimidates.” And the placing of the fliers in the dormitories “compromises the university’s own value to ‘create and maintain a clean and safe and secure environment in which students live and learn.’”


Gary said...


It is a little early in the morning for Hitler . . . considering that the story has NOTHING to do with Nazis.

Ran / SVP said...



randian said...
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randian said...

Not surprising, since the same area produced Muslims publicly chanting for Jews to go back to the gas chambers

annie said...

it would even be more impressive if it was true "the president of the Jewish Student Union at FAU, confirmed to me that the mock eviction notices did not target Jewish students. "

Eric Dondero said...

"Annie"??? Get real. You couldn't come up with a better phone name than that?

How 'bout something creative like Yolanda, or Jocelyn, or Betty Sue.

But "Annie." That screams generic.