Saturday, March 31, 2012

Party switches to Republican in one Pennsylvania County - 11 to 1

In York, 111 Democrats join the GOP in one week

From Eric Dondero:

With the PA GOP primary coming up, there's been a surge of York County Democrats are changing their party registration.

That could represent a big boost for GOP candidates in PA this year, including Steve Walsh for US Senate (against incumbent Bob Casey, who ironically beat Rick Santorum 6 years ago.)

From the York Daily Record, "As deadline hits, some York County voters switch parties":
The Pennsylvania Department of State says that, between March 19 and Monday, 111 county Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican.

During that same time period, only nine Republicans switched to the Democratic Party.
Fmr. Bill Clinton supporter - "I want to get rid of Obama if I can"

Yet, it's not just the chance to vote in the primary that has them switching.
Christopher Lash registered as a Democrat in the late 1990s because he supported then-President Bill Clinton.

On Monday, he filed paperwork to become a Republican.

"I want to vote in the primary coming up," said Lash, a 31-year-old geologist from Manchester Township. "And I want to get rid of Obama if I can."
And this:
Chris Wade... he's 64 and a retired salesman who lives in Dover Township. He was there with his wife, Mary. Both were switching parties so they could vote in the Republican primary.

"I don't like Obama, the way he's running things," said Mary Wade, a 65-year-old retired postal worker.

Her husband agreed.

"I just think that we need a different form of government," Chris Wade said... the economy, health care reform and the national debt. "We're giving so much money away."
The local Democrat Chairman admits, they're losing voters.
[On the recently released party switch numbers] Bob Kefauver, chairman of the Democratic Party of York County. "So that's accounting for an awful lot of the decrease that we've seen on our side."
Editor's comment - And why isn't this getting national media attention? If it was Republicans switching to Dem 11 to 1?

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jgeleff said...

For the record, you should not be looking for Steve Walsh as the GOP candidate. Look into Sam Rohrer. You'll love him.