Friday, March 30, 2012

Husband in PA takes life of his wife suffering from Alzeihmers, commits suicide

Charles Snelling was a "Libertarian/Republican"; Wife Adrienne, a Republican appointee in Governor Tom Ridge's administration

From the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, "Family: Charles Snelling killed his wife and himself in their Upper Macungie home" March 29:
Charles Snelling, a 1954 Lehigh University graduate, was an engineer, entrepreneur and inventor and a major figure in Republican circles, from the Lehigh Valley to Harrisburg to Washington, D.C. He was a regular guest columnist in The Morning Call and had most recently published a piece in Sunday's paper about the fiscal dangers posed by the public pension system.

In his writings, Snelling frequently expounded on his core beliefs of personal responsibility and human freedom, describing himself on his Facebook page as a Libertarian/Republican and secular humanist.

Adrienne Snelling, a 1952 Cedar Crest College graduate, was a respected fine arts photographer who published two books and frequently exhibited her work. She was appointed to the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts by former Gov. Tom Ridge.
Calling her "my dear, sweet Adrienne," he wrote how she had remained a happy and loving person despite the ravaging effect of Alzheimer's disease on her memory.

Tending to her in her illness is not "noble, it's not sacrificial and it's not painful," he wrote. "It's just right in the scheme of things."
Editor's note - We will leave it to our readers to decide on whether or not this was justifiable homicide.


jgeleff said...

I'm all for assisted suicide. We own ourselves, do we not?

Rita said...

Sometimes, people can only take so much pain and suffering. And doctors don't do any good.

Ran / SVP said...

If we own ourselves... then "assisting others" is, by definition, murder. Think about it, moron.

jgeleff said...

Ran, I didn't invent the term, you worthless jerkoff. If you had a clue what owning one's self meant, the comment wouldn't even appear. I guess you want the state to tell us when we can die? It would fit in with your Republican horseshit.

J. Witt said...

@jgeleff, half the people on this site aren't really libertarian. I doubt they've even heard the term Voluntaryism before...

Ran / SVP said...


"Assisted suicide" is a critical product of the ethical underpinnings that also gave us euthanasia and eugenics. HELL-O! Statist genocide calling! Anyone HOME? You wouldn't know that, because you've never studied history in your near worthless life.

No, you didn't "invent" anything. You've just repeated what your liberal-statist handlers told you.

Chuck said...

"I doubt they've even heard the term Voluntaryism before"

Nor has anyone familiar with proper English usage, you smug little turd.

The word is voluntarism.

J. Witt said...

"Voluntaryism, also known as voluntarism, is the belief that all human interaction be voluntary." I doubt Chuck is familiar with proper English usage (or words exceeding 4 letters, bastard, bullshit, and motherfucker the exception), the smug little turd.

M. Simon said...

I think the second homicide was justifiable.

OTOH what do older folks owe the young?

Chuck said...

"I doubt Chuck is familiar with proper English usage"

And you do so because you're a half-wit with a hard on for someone you don't know. Tomorrow will come, and you'll still be a pathetic dumbass with an axe to grind when it gets here.

Enjoy what you've created, assclown.