Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romney foreign policy advisor on Iran: If you don't stop them now, it'll be like Hitler's expansion across Europe

Excerpt NewsMax interview with Middle East expert and scholar Walid Phares, Feb. 21:
“What you see in Iran is preparation for confrontation, and if you don’t confront them it’s like the National Socialists in the ’30s. If you don’t stop them, they’re going to continue. After Czechoslovakia, it was Poland, then France. And after Iraq it’s Syria, and then Lebanon and eastern Arabia.

“It seems to me the Obama administration is not convinced that the Iranians are really a threat. It is convinced that they are a nuisance, and a deal eventually after those sanctions would work. That’s the view of this administration.

“But what we have now in the Middle East is way more dangerous than what we had before, even after the killing of bin Laden and after the Arab spring. What we have now is an Iran that is much closer to the bomb. And you have the rest of the Middle East falling slowly under the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Note - Phares serves as a policy advisor to Mitt Romney for president.


jgeleff said...

There's one thing wrong with Mr. Phares paranoid delusion; Iran's total military spending is in the area of $7 billion. Our military probably wastes more than that in fuel spillage. (that's hyperbole to make a point) Yeah, we'll see a $7 billion power marching across the globe.
Wake the fuck up.

Eric Dondero said...

It doesn't take dollars. It takes fanatic allegiance to a fascist ideology. Remember, these stupid fucks are willing to "die for Allah."

Plus, our military is now being cut to the bare bones. We've had massive cuts in defense spending under Obama. We're almost back to the US cavalry days on the mid-1930s.

Obama just announced attrition of another 100,000 military personnel.

jgeleff said...

Eric, point taken. But I pose to you the following.....
You're telling me that if the Iranian army or whatever, came at our army with sticks and stones, and we dropped a cluster bomb or two that sends literally a hundred other smaller bombs into that crowd, they'd win the day? Please. We'd cut them to shreds just with those two bombs, never mind the rest of what we can throw at them. I submit to you that it DOES take dollars, Eric. And a lot of them.
Do you have a citation for the "massive cuts" in defense spending that you're saying are going on? I've not seen anything of the sort in the news. I've read about cuts to increases, which by the way, still increase the military budget, but no actual cuts that have happened that have made our military a cavalry force again. (By the way, feeding those fucking horses isn't so cheap)

KN@PPSTER said...

"We've had massive cuts in defense spending under Obama. We're almost back to the US cavalry days on the mid-1930s."

You're full of shit.

The only year since 2000 in which "defense" spending has not grown was 2009, the budget for which was passed in 2008 when Bush was still president and pursuant to his budget recommendations.

Since then, Obama's budget recommendations have called for increased defense spending each year, contra the Bush administrations projections/plans, which called for continuing exceedingly minor cuts.

The alleged "across the board cuts" to the budget due to the inability to get a compromise on the national debt mean that "defense" spending will continue to grow, just not as fast. The Republicans wanted to grow it by 18% between 2013 and 2018. The "mandatory cuts" thing causes it to grow by "only" 10% over that period.

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry, I'm telling you that our new politically correct military would not allow us to shoot back at the Muslim enemy. Orders from above would be "Retreat if need be. But don't offend them, and be sure not to burn any Korans."

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry, did we use nukes in Vietnam? Hell no. What makes you think the higher-ups would allow our US Military today to fight back?

We're now Girlie Man Nation. And we've not got an emasculated once-great, but now almost completely useless American military.

Political correctness and massive cuts in defense dollars has virtually destroyed the US military. But why should we be surprised. This is exactly what Bill Ayeres and Barack Hussein Obama set out to do 40 years ago.

Gary said...

Hitler yet again . . . and so early in the morning too.

Bullshit flows easily from the mouths of ignorant people in the Romney campaign.

Iran has not mounted a war of conquest since the Byzantine-Persian War of 602 - 628 AD.

On the other hand, in the last 100 years Iran has been attacked multiple times by:

--- The Russian Empire and British Empire in 1907 when they carved up the nation into "zones".

--- Invaded by the Soviet Union and the British Empire to get their oil. Their government overthrown and a child puppet placed on the throne.

--- Their government overthrown by the British and American intelligence services and a absolute monarch placed on the throne by foreigners.

--- The 1980 eight year invasion by Iraq that was supported by the Soviet Union, the US, British, French, Italians and Saudis.

While the Islamists are crazy and paranoid, sometimes the paranoids are right and "they" really are after you.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Are other Mohammedan countries at their mercy? What of the Sunni opposition?

jgeleff said...

"Jerry, I'm telling you that our new politically correct military would not allow us to shoot back at the Muslim enemy."--That's an interesting point. A thing I didn't figure into the equation. But our military has been shooting at Ay-rabs for more than 10 years now, so I don't know if it's a strong point.
I do agree that we don't fight the right way though.

James Joseph Gang said...

When they invade Saudi Arabia call me...