Saturday, February 18, 2012

HBO's Bill Maher: Only German National Socialist Workers Party "to the right" of Santorum

Just because they have "Socialist" in their name doesn't necessarily make them leftwing, right?

Via Newsbusters, "Maher: Only Neonazi Party and Kirk Cameron are to the Right of Santorum"
also, what I find interesting about this fight he's now in with Santorum, as opposed to the one he used to be in with Gingrich, is that he really can't attack Rick Santorum because he can't, see, he can't be to the left because he's so suspect to the Republican base as a conservative that he cannot in any way go to the left of Rick Santorum.

That's why, when the idea of states outlawing contraception came up, he said, well, maybe that's a good idea. But he can't be to the right to Rick Santorum because there's nothing to the right except Kirk Cameron and the Neonazi party.
Editor's comment - Established Germany's first minimum wage law; massive government intervention in the economy, nationalization of "key" industries for the purposes of the state; health care entirely taken over by the government. Silly us. We always assumed groups that advocated such leftist economic policies and had the word "Socialist" in their names were leftwing?


Chuck said...

The Nazis were leftists. One shouldn't expect a drooling dumbfuck like Bill Maher to understand that though.

jgeleff said...

So following Maher's (and the left) path of "logic", the National Endowment for the Arts is a right wing concern because it has "national" in it's name. Right?

Ran / SVP said...

...and "The Nation" as the ultimare right-wing rag.

Edward Bellamy said...

That is sooo spot on - the swastika as crossed S-letters for "socialism" under German national socialism. More people should make use of that. See the work of the symbologist Dr. Rex Curry. Keep up the good work.